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Countdown to the Eleven Plus exam starts now!

Monday, August 24th, 2015

For many parents, the summer holiday is too long a break… Children often get out of the study habit, making it more difficult to get back into the school mindset come September.

With only a week before most schools re-open for the autumn term, and with 11+ exams looming, it can help to get back into the swing of things now.

Here are some practical suggestions to help your child get ahead from the word go:

  1. Check ahead! Check which papers each school sets. Some local Grammar and independent schools, for instance, don’t set a non-verbal reasoning element, while others still do. Some test English and comprehension, while others set a creative writing challenge on top. If you are applying for several schools, it makes sense to check this as soon as possible.
  2. Have a trial run! Download or buy some test papers to try out. Strict timing is what affects many children’s chances of gaining entry to their first-choice school. So why not try out some papers set to time? This can also help you spot and improve on weak areas well before the exams.
  3. Learn the basics! Though the majority of schools don’t release previous papers, the same topics/skills crop up year in year out. Revising English and Maths basics will help no end.

Remember, passing exams is more a question of confidence than anything. So make sure that any prep includes plenty of praise and encouragement.

Of course, if your child needs some last-minute support, or exam technique practise, give us a call.

Our trusty tutors, spanning Cheshire and Manchester, have oodles of experience in helping children like yours not just pass their 11+ exams, but gain entry to the school of their choice too.

Thinking about going to university?

Monday, August 10th, 2015

There’s been a lot of talk in the news over the summer regarding university education. Now that the government has replaced grants with loans, there’s much to think about. Many students worry about how to cover all their outgoings during a university course.

So with student debt on the rise, it helps to look at your options. Here are some facts about student finance for you right here.

What if you don’t do as well as you hoped?

If you’re waiting for your A level results this week, no doubt finance will be one consideration on your mind. Another worry that most students have is ‘Will I get enough points?’

Sometimes life doesn’t go to plan. Of course, if you achieve the grades you need this week, all you need to decide is which university place to take up – and then go and bag your place through UCAS.

If, however, your grades are down on what you expected, don’t lose heart. There are still plenty of options open to you – including a possible place at your first choice uni.

You can ring up your preferred university to ask their advice. Who knows, they might have a number of ‘changed course’ offers available, perhaps combining your initial course with another subject.

Don’t forget to check out Clearing if you’ve had no offers, or if you need to look for other courses…

Take a gap year

Don’t succumb to the pressure to go to uni at any cost just because your friends are going. There’s nothing stopping you from taking a gap year.

It might even be useful breathing space to get some work experience, re-evaluate your options and perhaps re-take an exam.

Remember, while this is the start of your adult life and career, your exams don’t define you as a person. You’re not a failure if you don’t scrape enough points for a specific course. It might even be an opportunity!

If you are dead set on retaking, or need application support, give our 121 Home Tutors team a buzz. With personal tutors across the Cheshire and Manchester areas, we can help.