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Is Your Child Cut Out for Grammar School?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

The summer term is a busy time of year across Manchester and Cheshire as local grammar schools host open evenings for 2017 entry.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for parents and children to have a ‘taster’ of local Trafford schools such as Altrincham Grammar, Sale, Urmston and Stretford…

During opening evenings, you can chat to teachers and current pupils, as well as wander round to get a ‘feel’ for the school to see whether your child will feel right at home there.

Grammar schools tend to be smaller with more of a tighter community atmosphere than larger comprehensives. Plus grammar schools have a high work ethos, matched by enthusiasm for extra curricular sports and activities. Would your child enjoy that kind of challenge?

How to gain grammar school entry

Of course, gaining entry into a first choice school in Manchester or Cheshire is a worry for parents every year. Without doubt, the first hurdle is the entrance exam. Since many are in September 2016, parents often feel anxious now about competition for places next year.

The good news is you can plan ahead. Since Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning – and occasionally English – are tested, there is still time to help your child prepare for what lies ahead.

It’s not always about pure intellect; passing these exams within a tight timeframe means your child needs both confidence and technique. That’s why a skilled 11+ or entrance exam tutor really does make the world of difference.

Interested in term time or summer holiday tuition to give your child the best possible chance? Just call our 121 HomeTutors head office for a friendly chat!



Who says you have to be perfect?

Monday, May 16th, 2016

With the year 6 Sats last week, reports in the media revealed how stressed children were in the lead up to them.. And how tough the tests were.

Life, of course, is full of challenge. We can’t shield our children from that… After all, once they are in the job market, they’ll face stiff competition to get on in life. A dose of testing can help children prepare for the future..

However, a test or grade must never define a child’s worth… That’s why we were especially moved to read Willesborough Junior School’s letter sent to parents and pupils before the Sats exams.  Isn’t it great?

We catch them when they fall

What matters most is that children feel supported through these challenges. That there are safety nets when life at school gets tricky…

As a popular tuition service across Manchester and Cheshire, our lovely tutors often work with children whose confidence is in tatters, or are struggling with a subject.

We love nothing more than restoring a child’s confidence, and seeing big smiles when they’ve cracked a challenge that stumped them before.

Though we can’t stop Sats or 11+ tests, GCSEs or higher exams, we can make life easier for you. With the security and trust of a personal tutor, you can build on your subject weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

If we can help, just give our tuition team a call at head office.

Remember … no one is perfect. And even if you don’t do as well as you expect in future exams, never never give up.



Need last minute revision techniques that work?

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

May is officially the start of exam season! It’s also the time when panic can seriously set in if you haven’t got into the habit of regular revision yet.

Rather than freak out, here’s how to get organised … fast!

1. Spread revision topics out over several days, rather than revise one subject intensively. This will give your brain the space it needs to absorb facts!

2. Get testing! Test yourself with practice papers, then test your knowledge on a mate.

3. Turn off the music. Studies have concluded that listening to music while revising stops your brain from recalling information as fast. Gives you something to look forward to after revising…

4. Mind map, don’t highlight.. Interestingly, research has shown that highlighting text doesn’t work unless you connect ideas together. Mastering mind mapping instead will help you remember more in a short space of time. Simples…

5. Step away from your smartphone. The biggest distraction known to man and student? The humble smartphone. It’s all too easy to get Snap chatting, or Face booking without realising it.

In fact, the temptation to take a sneaky peek at your texts or Facebook timeline is a real problem, researchers say. If revising, then, be brave: switch it off!

Last minute tuition support

With exams on over the next six weeks, it can make a huge difference to draft in some professional last-minute help.

With GCSE and A Level tutors at the ready across Manchester and Cheshire, call 1-2-1 Home Tutors to help you make the grade!