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Help others achieve their dreams: be a home tutor

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Every year when the A Level and GCSE results are due, we wait with bated breath to see how our students have done. And every year our hearts swell with pride when we find out they have smashed their predicted grades!

It’s one of the best feelings in the world, knowing that you have been part of that young person’s future. When all that hard work and encouragement pays off, there’s nothing better…

Tutoring is a truly wonderful career. Have you considered it? Every wondered what it is like?

The highs of being a private tutor

In short,  being a private tutor allows you to give time to students in a way that you rarely can in the classroom. Not just that, but working one to one means you can get to know a student inside out.

This in itself has all sorts of benefits. Once mutual trust and respect builds, we regularly see previously negative, switched-off students find their mojo again.

We see youngsters who have failed a year respond to new ways to succeed next time. Plus, by helping them find the confidence, or in some cases, regain it – you can help people believe in themselves.

Ultimately, you can give young people an opportunity to live their dreams…

Join the 121 Home Tutors team

Whether you are a classroom teacher, have left the classroom, you’ve a degree and been tutoring for some time, or you are highly qualified in a specialised field and have always wanted to teach, why not get in touch?

We’re always on the lookout for tuition talent across Manchester and Cheshire – especially this time of year when parents are looking for tutors! Check out some of our vacancies here, then drop us a line.


Can your dreams come true?

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

What dream future has your child set their sights on? Maybe they want to be a scientist, a teacher, travel the world, be a doctor…

Whatever the dream, education will help them move towards achieving those goals. Except, while that sounds fantastic, life can sometimes get in the way.

For instance, many enquiries we receive from worried parents stem from a mix of the following:

  • My child is struggling at school and seems to be going backwards
  • My child has lost confidence after switching classes/schools/teachers
  • A terrible report/exam failure has knocked my child’s self-esteem
  • My child just can’t keep up/is behind/gets little support in class
  • My clever child is overwhelmed by the thought of sitting an entrance exam

Often that dream can disappear altogether while you battle your child’s everyday problems… The good news is, those dreams are still there. What matters now is how to help your child handle feeling down.

Here are some useful pieces of advice our fantastic tutors across the Manchester and Cheshire area have shared:

Be a role model

If you hit a problem, get something wrong or forget something, admit it out loud and then suggest what you could do next time rather than getting angry or berating yourself.

Inspire with success

If your son is struggling with being dyslexic or dyspraxic, for instance, remind him that he has plenty of talent and that this learning issue is only one part of him. Mention how many famous people there are who haven’t let Dyslexia or Dyspraxia stop them: Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Daniel Radcliffe…

Keep it in perspective

Encourage your child to take up extracurricular activities such as sport, drama, singing, ballet – whatever your child is interested in. This way, it will keep everything in balance and help your child to realise that a special need isn’t a life sentence!

Encourage positive talk, not negative

If your child comes back from school saying,’ I’m so stupid at Maths’ or ‘I’m useless at reading’ try to steer them towards more positive thinking:

Reading can be tough sometimes. Show me what was tricky today and let’s work on it together.‘ Or, ‘It might feel that you are stupid, but you’re still learning. It’s hard to get everything right first time. I never did. Let’s look at one of the sums etc you struggled with..’

As we approach a new term, your child’s negativity might be triggered by previous experiences. Always try and nip it in the bud by doing something positive rather than giving into negative thinking.

Before long your child will see those dreams reappear… If you are still struggling, give us a call. We’re specialists at turning children’s fortunes around…