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Is your child in a muddle with schoolwork?

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

It’s October. By now, your child’s new timetable will be in full flow – with set homework on regular days and after-school clubs to squeeze in. But if you are like many of the parents who contact us, it’s this time of the school year when workload problems surface.

Perhaps you’ve experienced these issues?

  • Homework sheets and letters lost
  • Detentions for forgetting homework
  • You not knowing when homework is set
  • Chaos most mornings tracking down kit, exercise books, pens

Of course, it’s harder these days to manage your children’s time if you work until late, or you have two or more children – all with typically different timetables. Worry not.. We have some useful tips to help.

How to help your children keep on top of their studies

  1. Stick to a homework routine. Agree a time for your child to do their homework. It might be between 5-6pm, or 5.30pm-6.30pm. This gives your child the chance to have some time off before and after studying time.
  2. Check planners regularly. Checking your child’s planner isn’t spying. It’s to help you help them keep track of everything. If you have a fill in calendar for each child, you can transfer any key dates to it so information isn’t lost. Plus, because teachers often write comments in planners, intended for you, it’s worth checking every few days.
  3. Print out a timetable for home. The best way to keeping track of tomorrow’s lessons today is to keep a copy of the timetable where everyone can see it. You could colour code lessons: green for PE kit, for instance, or homework due days. Even ‘HW set’ or ‘HW due’ initials can help you pinpoint what matters each day. Bag packing the night before will be easier too.

Is your child overwhelmed by a subject this year?

Struggling children find it hard to improve by themselves. With a private tutor on hand, it can make all the difference. If you’re looking for support for your child whether at primary or secondary school, call 121 Home Tutors today.

With a fabulous team across Cheshire and Manchester, you can count on getting the help your child needs.


How to survive a new school term

Monday, September 5th, 2016

After such a long holiday break, are you ready for the new term? Getting back into routine is so much easier if you are prepared for it. Here’s a dollop of practical advice to avoid ‘back to school’ stress!

Plan early starts

Leave everything to the morning, expect chaos. Lay out uniform, prepare packed lunches and pack school bags the night before, your only challenge will be to get the kids up, washed and dressed. A feat in itself!

Label everything

If your child’s school bag is a bottomless pit – or PE kit mysteriously disappears – it’s a good idea to label everything to give you a fighting chance of finding this equipment again.

Label everything from folders, PE kit and uniform, to lunch boxes and even school bags.

Keep track

If you’ve either one child, or two children or more, consider buying a cheap calendar for each so you can keep information to hand. Plus visually see what’s what every week. Chances are your kids will have different after-school activities, different parents’ evenings, different non-uniform days.

Most schools publish their latest newsletter on their website too. So should a paper newsletter mysteriously disappear or end up illegible, check online. School sites also publish their school year calendar for the next year, so you can start filling your child’s calendar ahead of schedule.

Get help when you need it

A fresh term isn’t always straight forward academically. If your child struggled with a subject last term, that same challenge will still be there. Far better to confront those tricky, stressful learning issues head on than hope they’ll go away..

Speak to us – 1-1 Home Tutors – about arranging some term time tuition. We’ve a bunch of experienced tutors across Cheshire and Manchester ready to make life that little bit easier for you and your child.