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Avoid the summer slump

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

Brain drain… Is it a ‘thing’? Yes, without doubt. Many studies over the past 20 years have concluded that summer learning loss is real – not a myth.

The facts are that children can:

  • lose months of reading skills over the summer holiday
  • take 6 weeks to regain skills that they ended the previous academic year with
  • struggle to engage with school again after such a long summer break

If your child is starting a crucial year come September – where they might be sitting SATs, School Entrance exams, GCSEs or A levels – it might be worth encouraging your youngster to keep on learning.

Let’s look at how you can do just that!

How to combat brain drain this summer

  1. Get reading! It’s a great opportunity to keep up reading, or discover reading for the first time. Whether you read on a Kindle, listen to audio, or pick some books to read on holiday, reading will keep your brain cells ticking over. And if parents read along with kids, it’ll set a precedent.
  2. Discover the world! Educational visits to museums, grand houses, or historical sites – both in the North West near us and abroad – can enrich your child’s knowledge.
  3. Get blogging or Instagram-ing! There are loads of internet sites and apps that your child or young person could use to record their summer holidays. You could keep a daily account in a snazzy journal (if a younger child) or if a teen you could upload pics and captions to Instagram – or use cool apps such as Steller to create a visual magazine.
  4. Start the school year with a bang! Private one to one tuition over the summer can not only stem the worries from this academic year, but can boost your child’s confidence for the year ahead.

Here at 121 Home Tutors in Wilmslow, Cheshire, we get many requests from parents every year looking for a tutor to help their child over the summer hols. Not just in south Manchester either.

Perhaps you need a GCSE or A Level Chemistry or Biology teacher to help your child revise tricky topics from last term?

Perhaps your child is sitting an exam for one of the local independent or grammar schools and need to brush up their overall skills before the busy term starts again?

Whatever the subject or stage your child is at, get in touch with our experienced tuition team if you need to chat about tuition for your child.


When is it time to call in a private tutor?

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

You know yourself that life doesn’t always go to plan. As adults we learn to pick ourselves up and keep going. At least sometimes…

Our children, however, might feel so stuck in a learning maze that they can’t find the obvious way out. And it happens a lot more common than you’d think.

Has your child missed school?

Perhaps your child has been ill, had an injury or moved areas? Maybe you are waiting for a school place as you’ve changed schools for whatever reason, and need a spot of home schooling to keep your child on track?

With such a fast-paced curriculum these days, your child can miss out on so much in a short space of time. That’s where a private tutor can step in to help.

Not only can a personal tutor help fill the gaps in your child’s learning, but he or she can also help reduce the emotional stress a change in circumstances can inevitably create.

Does your child struggle like mad?

There’s so much to get through in a year, that a child who isn’t a natural at the subject can often fall behind. All it takes is confusion over a concept or topic to knock your child off course.

Instead of racing ahead, it seems as if they end up lagging behind without a hope of catching up. Sadly, our 121 Home Tutors team see this happening all the time – at every level of education.

Sometimes, a child carries their subject worries from junior school into secondary – eventually affecting their GCSE chances.

Here’s where private tuition can change your child’s life. By stepping in at the right moment, a caring tutor can change things round.

Just imagine… Your unmotivated teen inspired again. Your lost child grasping Maths or Science concepts for the first time ever. Your child hooked on reading!

Summer tuition to get your child back on track

As we head into June towards July, now could be the perfect time to take stock of your child’s learning needs. What difference could a tutor make to your child’s learning fortunes in the days ahead?

Contact our wonderful tutor team for a chat located here in Cheshire and across Manchester. We cover countless villages and areas from Stockport to Wilmslow, Macclesfield to Altrincham, Cheadle Hulme to Alderley Edge.

Study smart this Christmas

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Gah! Exams always appear at the most inconvenient times, don’t they? When it’s hot in the summer, or just before or after Christmas.

The truth is, exams are a process that we all go through in life. So rather than feel ‘doom and gloom,’ aim to study smart this Christmas.

Here’s our roundup of top tips so you can do just that this festive season:

  1. Hit the target! List tricky subject areas and focus on them, not what you find easy. If you are daunted by something, mooch over to YouTube. Countless teachers now add videos to share. This is especially good if you can’t get on with trawling through exercise books to revise. Targeted revision like this will also mean you have plenty of time to enjoy yourself as well.
  2. Book some fun! Star Wars: the Last Jedi is hitting the screens now. Book advanced tickets, if you’re looking for a galactic buzz this Christmas. If you’re not a die-hard fan, get yourself out the house doing something you love. Jump about at a trampoline park maybe? Or else check out local attractions.
  3. Revise and recall! One of the best ways to retain information is to revise for short bursts (of half an hour) and then apply that knowledge by testing yourself. This way you’ll feel like you’re making solid progress. Maybe do a test on algebra, or study a couple of poems and write a comparison essay? Use online papers from exam boards, or just google it. You’d be surprised by how many free papers are online!

And if you hit a brick wall over Christmas, write a list of the things you struggle with and resolve to do something positive about it when you are back at school.

Arranging a tutor can be one of the quickest and most helpful ways to knock uncertainty on the head. Drop a line to 121 Home Tutors for further advice. With a fab team covering many areas across Cheshire and Manchester, we’re sure to have someone to help you.

May the power of the force be with you this Christmas!

How to Stop Summer Brain Drain

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

The dreaded ‘brain drain’ strikes again! It’s a proven fact that children can lose two months’ worth of knowledge if their brains are not academically challenged.

And worse, once back in September, they can take up to a month to get into the swing of things. That’s a quarter of a year of learning lost every year!

With the long school holiday beckoning, what can parents like you in the Manchester and Cheshire area DO to stop brain drain from happening?

Discover the world

Day out with the kids offers plenty of opportunities to get out and about and LEARN. Museums, Discovery Centres – the works! Here’s some top ideas for the Manchester area!

Learn a language

MUZZY is a fun, interactive programme to help your child learn a second language.

Read ‘n Write

Even if your child can’t stand reading, there are still ways to inspire them to grab a book!

  • Start with their interests… If your child loves sport, find a non-fiction or autobiography to read or listen to on audio
  • Check out Love Reading 4 Kids. Their Summer Reading section even separates reading ages out. AND gives you downloadable extracts before you buy
  • Get them to write a review of each book or audio. They could even create a WordPress blog for free and do it online! A great way to hook their interest in reading. Plus become an online author!

Tuition for smart learning

Is your child taking the Trafford test, or school entrance exam in September – or starting in year 7, year 10 or year 12? A smart move could be to book a summer holiday tutor to get them ahead of the game!

It’s the ideal way to not only address any weaknesses left festering at the end of term, but it’s a great opportunity to help your child truly leap ahead.

Call our 1-2-1 Home Tutors team when you need any help with your child’s studying. From Maths, English and 11 Plus, to language learning and science subject support.


The Big Benefits to Summer Learning

Monday, July 4th, 2016

With some schools in Manchester and Cheshire already breaking up for the summer, that means many children have almost two months off. And even if your child has a 6 week break, it’s still a LONG time without any learning whatsoever.

Did you know that American studies have concluded that ‘brain drain’ is real? Children experience learning loss when they have an extended summer break, and then take up to a month or more to re-focus on school again in the autumn.

Just as important as keeping the body active, kids’ brains need to be stimulated too. Tempting as it might be to do zilch over the summer hols, children massively benefit from some regular brain gym.

And if your child is facing GCSE or A level re-sits, embarking on year 7, 10 or 12 – or is in year 5 and sitting a grammar school entry exam soon – July and August are opportune months to maintain their thinking skills.

How to keep your child’s brain ticking over

1. Read read read

If your child won’t read a paperback, get them listening to audio books in the car or plane. It’ll stimulate both their language knowledge and imagination.

2. Step back in time

Get them hooked on history to inspire curiosity and provoke thinking. Luckily, the Manchester area is spoilt for choice with museums. Ideal for discovery days out. Here are just a few!

3. Be part of the digital revolution

Keep your child’s writing skills updated. Because it’s so easy to set up a blog nowadays, why not encourage your child to write a blog?

With a real audience, they can update it with days out, articles about interests, reviews of films/games – even a travelogue of the family summer holiday complete with uploaded pics.

4. Learn in half the time with private tuition

For subject specific learning, why not hire a tutor over the summer? It’s a great way to not only address any weaknesses and problems left festering at the end of term, but is a great opportunity to truly leap ahead.

Call our 1-2-1 Home Tutors dream team when you need any help with your child’s studying. From Maths, English and 11 Plus, to language learning and science subject support.

What’s every parent’s summer term nightmare?

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Guaranteed to take the shine off the end of summer term is an unsatisfactory end-of-year report. It happens without fail…

There’s nothing worse than seeing your child in floods of tears as they’ve not achieved ‘expected progress.’ Or watching their self-esteem plummet to the floor, disillusioned that they’ve tried so hard and yet haven’t done as well as they hoped.

The world of education can seem so cruel at times when one child’s progress is pitted against another. Even if your child is progressing, that one negative phrase can turn their world upside down.

And as we regularly hear from worried parents, that feeling doesn’t go away. It plays on a child’s mind – sometimes even contributing to them dreading going back to school.

How to reduce school worries over night…

First plan of action is to nip any negativity in the bud. Especially if your child is moving schools, starting an important exam year such as year 6 or GCSEs, or is sitting entrance exams in the autumn term.

  • Speak to a teacher about what you can do to help support your child with their learning
  • Spend time over the hols breaking down the problem into chunks, and tackling each in turn
  • Consider summer tuition with a local tutor to turn things round in time for the start of term

Concern in the press about childhood stress isn’t exaggerated. It’s happening to our children.. So if you need a helping hand over the hols to steer your child in the right direction, or some summer tuition to ensure your child gets back on track in time for September, call the team at 1-2-1 Home Tutors.

With the nicest and most experienced private tutors across Cheshire and Manchester, we can help turn your child’s doubt into confidence.

How to turn a bad report into a good one

Monday, July 13th, 2015

Just like adults, children are very sensitve about criticism. And just like adults, they struggle to articulate how they feel sometimes.

When it comes to school, dealing with the disappointment of an end-of-year report can be tough. Some children shrug their shoulders to give you the impression they’re not bothered – when in fact they are really upset about it.

Struggling children already feel different to their peers. They see class mates getting consistently top marks. Teachers sometimes seat them on a table of ‘other’ strugglers – even announcing to the class that those with special needs ‘sit there.’

An end-of-term report often compounds feelings of failure. Even though plenty of positive comments are made, children with knocked confidence often sieze upon the negative ‘must try better’ comments as an affirmation that they are rubbish.

Poor behaviour in class, or a child who is often distracted from the lesson, could be a sign that he or she is struggling with that subject.

Turn a negative into a positive

Instead of telling your child off, or stressing they must try harder next term, it can help to have a relaxed chat about the report. If you struggled at school in a subject, tell them. Share your experiences, use empathy.

This approach is more likely to make your child feel they are not alone, and that certain subjects such as Maths, English and Science are tricky for other people too.

Also, over the summer, see if you can build in some opportunities to help your child with the subject they are struggling with. There are some fantastic resources nowadays. Or you can call us – of course – if you are in the Manchester or Cheshire area, to arrange for one of our fab tutors to come along to work one-to-one.

Holiday tuition can give your child a huge boost before they go back to school in September. Sometimes, all it takes is a few sessions to completely change a child’s view of a subject. Or to clear up any confusion.

Just give us a ring or email the team to find out how it works…

‘Tis the season … for revision

Monday, December 1st, 2014

Tra la la la la la la la la. As the term winds down and festivities gain pace, it can be hard for children to manage revision during this jolly season!

With mock exams often before or just after Christmas, and some entrance exams in January, how can children avoid exam panic and still enjoy the holidays?

Here are some holiday revision tips to give your child a head start:

  • Draw up a timetable. First make a list of different topics you need to cover – including topics you find challenging. Break the topics down into manageable chunks to help you spread revision out.
  • Do previous papers. Sitting a past paper (in the time allowance) helps you whittle down the areas you need to focus on. Focus on these areas rather than everything over the hols. This will help keep revision in perspective at this time of year.
  • Stick to a study regime. If you are away for the holidays, or family are visiting, there’ll be plenty of temptation to NOT study. Instead, stick to a system. Perhaps work mornings, then reward yourself afternoons off. Alternatively, if you have plenty of free time on your hands, mix up your revision with physical activities.
  • Learn on the move. Google revision apps. You’ll find a host of great iPad/iPhone, Android and iPod touch apps to download. A nice way to revise on the sofa, in the car or while waiting for family to finish their Christmas shopping.

Whatever you do, don’t panic. If overwhelm or brain freeze sets in, some revision sessions with a tutor can make all the difference. Drop 121 Home Tutors a line!

Last minute grammar entry changes

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Earlier this year, Altrincham Grammar School for Girls in Cheshire replaced the Non-Verbal Reasoning paper with a new English/literacy assessment.

For children applying for September 2015 entry, this decision meant they didn’t need to study a largely unfamiliar discipline not taught across the board in schools.

Latest news: it’s all change again

Following a consultation into the proposed changes, Altrincham Grammar School for Girls has dropped the English paper proposal and reverted to the original entrance exam arrangements.

What does this mean for you?

The entrance test this coming September 2014 will follow the previous years’ format:

  • A 20 minute Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR) paper
  • A 50 minute Verbal Reasoning paper
  • A 50 minute Maths paper

Though this is a last minute change, there is still plenty of time to get your head around NVR basics.

Essential summer prep

Non-verbal reasoning tests your ability to solve picture and diagram puzzles. To do well, you need to know how shapes change, how to spot patterns, and understand codes for figures.

Stuck? Not sure how to make the most of the time left?

Simply call us at 121 Home Tutors for some  expert 11 plus or entrance exam support during the summer holiday. With specialist tutors from Manchester to Cheshire available, we can help your child be ready for September in no time.

Summer tuition … is it for you?

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Shortly, it’ll be a case of ‘school’s out for the summer.’ No more lessons for weeks, even months!

While a family holiday or  fun day out can help children recharge their batteries, for many parents the initial excitement of school hols wears off quickly. How to stave off boredom often becomes the challenge.

Little wonder that we get a surge of interest in summer tuition this time of year! Interestingly, many parents these days want to keep up the momentum, to make better use of free time.

As we find out every year, a course of summer tuition can help children:

  • Maintain interest in learning. As you know, a six week break from school can switch a child off learning. Private tuition keeps your child’s brain buzzing – increasing their motivation.
  • Build knocked confidence. The summer term doesn’t always go well. Disappointing end of year exams and reports often leave children deflated. Catch-up lessons over the summer gives them the chance to tackle those weaknesses without the pressures of the classroom.
  • Prepare for testing. With 11+ and Common Entrance exams starting from September, the summer break is the perfect time to practise techniques! That’s why a one to one tutor can be instrumental in helping a child get to grips with some of those difficult skills.

Whether your child is taking a grammar entrance or 11 plus exam, or needs that extra bit of help over the summer, call us. From Wilmslow to Stockport, Altrincham to Manchester, we’ll find a specialist tutor for you.