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Is your child suffering from no confidence?

Monday, March 9th, 2015

It can be a real problem. Especially at school… In fact, here at 1-2-1 Home Tutors, we find it’s one of the biggest single factors which leads to children not doing as well as their peers.

Children can be masters of talking themselves out of something – or believing they can’t do it. Even if they haven’t articulated this to you in  words, a child resisting certain homework such as Maths or English is a sign that their confidence is low.

There are lots of reasons for this… Perhaps some of these might strike a chord with you?

    • A child’s confidence often plummets after an exam/test
    • Bullying can wipe out a child’s academic confidence
    • Lack of support or early intervention at primary school
    • A SLD might affect how a child sees a subject

You might hear phrases such as ‘I just don’t get it‘, ‘It’s boring’ or ‘I’m rubbish at it.’ Underlying this lack of confidence is a child find it hard to cope with failure.

That’s why it’s so important to help them bolster their self-esteem. And not let self-doubt blight their experience of education.

How to raise your child’s confidence

1. If a child doesn’t do as well as expected or is struggling with homework, praise their effort not the outcome.

2. Try not to react if your child seems to hate a specific subject homework. Instead, help them break down homework tasks into smaller steps.

3.  Add fun into a subject. Trips out to a Science museum etc can help children see a subject in a different way.

Of course, if you are still struggling to find ways to help your child, let us do it. We’ve a bunch of the nicest, experienced tutors across Manchester and Cheshire. Just call…

Mindfulness… Can it help my child cope better?

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Many children feel pressure to achieve when exams, tests and deadlines loom. On top of this, peer pressure and natural anxieties about growing up can put extra stress on children.

Plus, if your child has ADHD or is on the Autistic spectrum, there might be other difficulties added to the mix.

While ministers debate how to introduce mindfulness classes in schools, here are some fun activities to do at home to help your child cope better:

  • Get active! A healthy mind and active body go hand in hand. Restrict video game play to an hour a day, by encouraging kids to get physical. Try trampolining, swimming, art. Check out Kidsguide for some fantastic clubs, classes and sports in the Manchester/Cheshire area. Great way to burn off excess energy too…
  • Create a chill out zone. Build ‘quiet time’ into a school week, you’ll be amazed by the results. Rather than switch the TV or PS3 on all evening, spend 30 minutes doing simple things. Read snuggled up in a duvet, or star gaze. Download this BBC stargazing pack. These gentle activities help your child focus better – improving their ability to retain information.
  • Get creative! Kids love making stuff! Try these: create a mini vegetable patch in the back garden. Or give them some sheeting/old boards/wood to create their own den. Design a vehicle using wood, old wheels etc. Join a local recycling group for free materials!

Of course, your child’s confidence can affect their wellbeing. So if a subject at school is causing them grief, we’ve a lovely tutor here at 121 Home School Tutors to instantly boost their self-esteem. Just get in touch!