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Is your child sitting SATs?

Saturday, April 14th, 2018

Sitting exams is an inevitable fact of school life. The two key tests at Primary level are the Year 2 and Year 6 SATs.

As a parent, it’s natural to worry about how your child might do. However, it’s important not to be over-anxious about them.

Primary school can be a tough environment for our children anyway. Children constantly compare themselves to their peers, and get worried if they don’t feel as good as everyone else.

You’ll know if your child comes home saying they’ve been moved up or down a class/table, how much they care about doing well. The excitement and disappointment is felt in equal measure.

In the face of school targets and expectations, we think it can help to put them into perspective. Here’s some advice from our Manchester and Cheshire tutor team on how to do just that.

Surviving SATs with a smile

  1. Encourage your child to see SATs as just one part of their whole education. The ability to think for themselves, to be kind, to help others, to work as a team, to care about others are just as valuable…
  2. Read for pleasure with your child. If you as a parent can make time to read, it’s surprising how valuable children will see it. Why not read with your child too? Publications like The Week Junior are a great opportunity to read with your child. Get them to skim and scan for information – a great tip for negotiating the Reading test.
  3. Tests are like solving mysteries. Get your child to imagine they are a detective cracking a case. For English tests, they are always looking for clues. (quotes and information) For Maths, they have to crack codes and numbers to solve challenges.
  4. Have fun with Maths. Search for multiplication tables games online, or you could use a simple pack of cards to practise addition, subtraction, division or multiplication. Also, get in the kitchen: it’s surprising how many Maths calculations you do when baking!

Our advice is to try and help your child keep these exams in perspective by not making them the be all and end all.

Of course, some children need that extra push and support when feeling under pressure. It’s something our children have to replicate at GCSE level too, so it makes sense to support them early on with a healthy mindset.

If you want to chat about how a course of tuition lessons could help your child do just that, do get in touch with our tutor team today.

Remember though: try to stay calm yourself. Your children will make their way in the world in spite of exams and tests…

Is your child switched on to books?

Monday, June 1st, 2015

It seems as if children are permanently attached to their smartphones, computers or games consoles these days. When is there ever enough time to just sit with a book and read for pure pleasure?

Interestingly enough, reading is trendy again! According to the National Literacy Trust, more children than ever are choosing to read in their spare time. And more often.

In fact, half of the children surveyed said they enjoyed reading! That said, almost 25% thought reading wasn’t ‘cool.’ Plus, it seems that there is still a gender imbalance between girls and boys: more girls than boys read for pleasure.

More worryingly, though, is that half of the children said they preferred watching telly to reading – with almost a quarter stressing that their parents didn’t care whether they read books or not.

While it’s fab to hear that books are attracting children in this digital age, there’s no doubt that more needs to be done to switch children’s attention back to books.

Here are our top reading tips:

1. Set aside some ‘family’ reading time where all electronic gadgets are banned for half an hour. Unless, of course, you’re using an e-reader. 😉

2. Do you know what’s caught other children’s imaginations? Check out some of the hottest titles in this article.

3. Match reading titles to your interests. If your son likes the idea of going on exciting adventures, being a spy or doing daredevil stunts, here are some book titles to make any reluctant reader happy. Better still, you can download an extract or three!

Need help?

Of course, if your son or daughter is struggling with their reading – from comprehension skills for entrance exams, to analysing language from a GCSE set text – we have just the right private tutor to help.

Are you in Cheshire, or Manchester? Call the 1-2-1 Home Tutors team!