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Is your child a struggler?

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

With Sats exams, GCSEs and A Levels in sight, the push for success is in overdrive. But what about the child who:

  • isn’t in a top set and feels inferior to his or her peers
  • is home schooled and has gaps in their learning
  • has zero confidence and might dread going to school
  • has a learning problem which seems to affect everything

Here at 121 Home Tutors, we speak to so many parents across Manchester and Cheshire whose children don’t ‘fit’ the media image of a happy child who learns with ease.

More often than not parents reach out to us because they are troubled by their child’s difficulties and lack of progress. Often, many lose hope that things will ever change…

So what does make the difference?

The truth is, every child has needs. Every child hits a wall at some point in their education. And every child needs that little bit extra support to help lift them out of the fog.

Here’s three ideas to help you find a way forward:

  1. Learn what your child is learning. You’ll discover that what your child is learning now is different to what you learnt at school. Apart from your child’s school website – usually packed with information – start here.
  2. Prioritise one problem at a time. Because children can feel quickly overwhelmed by all their problems, try to deal proactively with one issue at a time – reassuring your child that small steps are just as important as huge leaps.
  3. Arrange one-to-one help. A tutor onside can be a marvellous support system. Just having another adult who can share the load can make all the difference. Plus, a tutor who works with strugglers every day will have a range of techniques to whip out of the bag at a moment’s notice.

Don’t struggle on hoping things will change. Call us at 121 Home Tutors…

How to get your de-motivated child back on track

Monday, February 27th, 2017

Another slammed door. Another homework battle. Could your child be de-motivated? Here are some of the tell-tale signs:

  • They avoid asking for help
  • They get angry and frustrated easily
  • They refuse to do homework
  • They say they are useless or hate school

As a parent, it’s so hard to face up to this as it’s not how it’s supposed to be? But don’t worry.. We have some ideas to help your child get back on track.

First things first

Don’t despair. The first thing to do is isolate why your child could be feeling this way:

  • Do they have a recognised learning problem?
  • Have they had a change in teacher/class/table?
  • Have they sat exams recently, or had a school report?
  • Have they fallen out with friends at school or got into trouble?

School can be a huge challenge for many children. Some are labelled ‘lazy’ when in fact they might be struggling with a learning problem.

And if a report has come home saying they’ve not reached the ‘expected’ achievement level or grade, a child’s confidence can take quite a beating.

How can you make things better?

Two techniques to help motivate your child

Be realistic: 

Not every child is a top grade student. While you want your child to achieve and be the best they can be academically, it’s important to accept that your child might be more average at this point in time.

If so, praise them like mad for every little thing they achieve. This way, you can help them build their skills up over time.

Choose words carefully:

Children are deeply affected by words they hear. That’s why it matters to use positive language as much as possible:

  • You worked so hard on that
  • Well done; you stayed so calm
  • One more go, and you’ll get it next time
  • I’m so proud of you

It’s OK to ask for help

We’ll come back to this topic again as we know how much it affects children. So many parents spanning Manchester and Cheshire approach our tuition team for support for this very thing.

If you need to talk to a professional tutor as you’re worried about your child – whether they are in junior, secondary or 6th form – you only have to get in touch.