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What to do over the summer holidays – Primary

If you have children in primary school then you are probably already in the summer holidays or fast approaching them. If your child is in reception then this could be the first time that you are faced with six weeks trying to keep your child occupied. We thought we’d round up a few ways to keep your little ones busy over the summer…

  1. It is the holidays so why not start with some duvet days, forget the rushing about and rules. Grab a few DVDs and snuggle up. One of the best ways we know to spend a rainy day.
  2. Go to your local tourist information centre. This might seem a bit odd if you live locally but they have so much great information about what’s on in the local area and you might just find some new places to explore.
  3. Consider signing up to cost effective organisations that means you will get out of the house, The National Trust and Wildlife Trust have places you can visit right across the UK.
  4. Don’t forget the library. As well as a great place to spend a few hours when it’s raining they often run events for children of different ages. You could also set a fun project and use the library as a basis for the project (maybe something like bulding a paper mache dinosaur and they have to find out all about dinosaurs).
  5. Talk to mum friends and check local noticeboards to see what’s happening on your doorstep and then arrange group visits or play dates.
  6. If your child has struggled this year then it’s a good idea to take some time out to do a bit of academic catch up. That could be in the form of a summer study school or some specialist one to one tutoring.

If you have older children then you’ll find some great ideas to keep them occupied here.

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