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The essential school holiday checklist for stress-free parenting

Summer will be gone in the blink of an eye, and yet the holidays themselves seem to stretch on forever. It can be a stressful time planning activities for the kids, working and yet being organised in time for September.

Tempting as it is to drop everything and wait until the autumn term, we’ve some handy hints to help you through the summer holiday frazzle-free:

Shop ‘n label now

Sort out school uniforms, stationery and school bags now while the back-to-school sales are on over July and August. You’ll not only save money, but your sanity too!

Sorting uniform labels now will also make life easier in September if you’ve a gaggle of children to organise! Do two an evening, and before you know it you’ll be done.

Book haircuts and health

You’d be amazed how many of us leave it to the last minute to book a haircut! With your children likely to resemble scarecrows by the end of the summer, it’s wise to book an appointment 6 weeks ahead.

Why not MOT your kids’ health this time of year with eye checks and dentist appointments?

Book some playdates

Other frazzled parents will snap your hand off if you offer to book in some playdate times with your children’s friends. Of course, do make sure they reciprocate!

Keep brain drain at bay

Get ’em reading online with an app such as Reading Eggs. Packed with interactive fun and activities, they’ll find it hard to put down. Give it a try!  Teach your monster to read is also a fun app for the early years.

Struggling with a subject still?

Many local parents across Manchester and Cheshire book some intensive tuition sessions during the summer hols while the pressure of school is off. It can be a fantastic way to not only prepare for the new term, but to blitz some of those pesky learning problems from last term.

Contact the 121 Home Tutors’ team if you feel a spot of tuition would make all the difference. We’re here to help…

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