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Just how DO you improve your 11 Plus vocabulary?

Is your son or daughter preparing for a Common Entrance exam, the 11+, or grammar school entry this year?

One of the key skills you need is a breadth of vocabulary knowledge – certainly for the English papers as well as Verbal Reasoning.

You’ll know (if you’ve already bought practice papers) that the level of vocabulary required is quite advanced. Given that your child might not read enough challenging texts – including classic literature – let’s look at how you can help to stretch their vocabulary!

How to Master words

  1. Enjoy a classic book and movie together. Everyone loves Disney’s The Jungle Book! But has your child read Rudyard Kipling’s masterpiece? It’s a fab read – and full of stretchy language. Don’t forget to look up any new words you discover! Try The Hobbit, Treasure Island, or Robinson Crusoe..
  2. Play the synonym/antonym game. Download a blank board game template online, and start adding some verbs and adjectives. The idea is to land on the words, then award points for how many synonyms and then antonyms you can think of for each one.
  3. Dig that word! Another game. Pick a root word, then add as many prefixes and suffixes as you can. Take it in turns to see who can come up with the most! Try comfort, friend, point, kind, motor, judge…

  4. Practice makes perfect! Check out apps such as Word Builder. There’s all sorts of little gems in here to keep your child busy for ages.

Of course, passing any exam isn’t just about knowledge. It’s also about using different techniques, managing time and thinking fast on the spot.

That’s how our team of local entrance exam tutors can help. From Bramhall, Cheadle and Hulme, to Stockport or across Manchester and Cheshire, we’ve a fabulous entrance exam expert at the ready.

Get in touch today to have a chat about how one of our private 121 Home Tutors can support your child to success.


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