Further Information for Prospective Tutors

Dear Prospective Tutor

Thank-you for requesting details of 1-2-1 Home Tutors and we invite you to register with us. Please also complete an application form and also forward, ideally by email,  the following supporting documents:

  • A CV
  • A brief tutoring profile [2-3 sentences] that we could use to promote you to prospective clients .
  • Copies of relevant certificates / proof of qualifications as mentioned in your application
  • 1 x photographic ID (passport or driving license)
  • 1 x proof of address (recent utility bill or bank or credit card statement (not mobile phone bill)
  • 1 x proof of eligibility to work in the UK (eg NI card/number)
  • Copy of your DBS from any organisation dated within 3years (if you don’t have one, a basic DBS can be obtained from https://www.personnelchecks.co.uk)
  • If any of the above are in a different name, proof that the different name is yours (marriage certificate or deed poll)

(Sorry, but industry regulations now mean we can’t recommend tutors without all the relevant documentation – if you have a problem obtaining any of the information, then please inform us/request further details as we may be able to proceed with an application, dependent on circumstances)

Registration Information

All teachers, graduates or other persons who can offer to tutor a specialist subject are invited to register with us for tutoring, teaching, or other educational services.


We seek to maintain the high services of professionalism for which 1-2-1 Home Tutors is recommended and to continue the provision of quality tuition.


You are asked, please, to provide two referees, one personal and one professional and also, to comply with government recommendations concerning the protection of children and vulnerable persons, a valid Certificate of Disclosure (DBS/police check dated within the last 3 years – from any organisation and ideally an enhanced DBS) if you don’t already have one a basic DBS can be obtained from https://www.personnelchecks.co.uk


Opportunities Available

Our main service is the referral of tutors. Most of the tutoring is individual help to pupils after school or college hours in addition to their work at school or college. Some of this home tutoring can be to help with exam. preparation for a limited period, whilst on other occasions, the home tutoring can become long-term support and encouragement.


There is no obligation to accept any tutoring or teaching opportunity that is offered to you but we ask that you follow up and inform us of the outcome of a referral asap; in the event you are unable to take up a recommendation, not informing us prevents another tutor being recommended.


We ask that you be ready to deal with enquiries quickly as clients are looking to arrange tutoring immediately and often take on the first tutor they speak to; for this reason e-mail and text are useful tools. Please too, keep us informed of changes in your contact details. 1-2-1 Home tutors is here for you and promotes our tutors wherever and whenever and to help us do this we ask that a tutor keep in contact and tells us if they are away/unavailable for tutoring, if contact details change or of any other change. The more we know about our tutors tutoring needs the more we can help promote them. Please too, only register with us if you are going to be available for a minimum of six months – although we very much hope that you will be available for a longer period.


Online Tutoring Opportunities


Through our sister site, onlinehometutors.co.uk, we are able to offer tutors an online, virtual classroom, whiteboard tutoring platform for tutors that are interested in providing online tuition [please ask for further information].

Availability of Work

We are regularly asked how much work can be expected once you have registered with us. As each area is subject to different factors, predictions can be misleading. There are however, some tutors we are able to offer more assignments to than others. Reasons for this could be due to a combination of factors:


  1. The subject(s) you can offer (some subjects are requested more frequently – eg entrance test/11+ preparation; GCSE core curriculum subjects such as maths, science, English).
  2. The area in which you live and/or could travel to give tuition – those tutors who can travel to tutees get more work than those who just offer tuition at their own home. The more flexible you are with location the better.
  3. Your availability – most tuition is required after school hours and at weekends.
  4. The professional way in which you conduct the assignments, leading to recommendations from clients and from 1-2-1 Home Tutors itself.
  5. Your reliability and promptness in;
    1. Contacting potential tutees – often tutees take on the first tutor who contacts them
    2. Letting us know the outcome of a recommendation – so we know if the potential tutee was of interest/what you were looking for, if the fee was acceptable to you etc.
    3. Forwarding the commission to 1-2-1 Home Tutors each month.

Fees and Remuneration


Fees Charged to Clients – Direct Pupils and Clients

1-2-1 Home Tutors negotiates the fees with each client and this takes into account the subject, level, area, tutors fee expectations/current rates, travel distance, local competition and currently achievable rates. We also try to negotiate a home visit fee for you if you travel out some distance to visit the tutee’s home and are willing to negotiate additional fees with the clients on your behalf, according to each assignment and the requirements if requested.


The fee quoted to clients is the gross fee that is inclusive of our commission fee. The tutor collects the gross payment from the client and then forwards the commission element to 1-2-1 Home Tutors on a monthly basis. Our standard commission is 20% of the total fee arranged, payable on each hourly fee and/or part thereof, or on each assignment – occasionally we reduce this depending on eg clients and tutors fee expectations. Commission is payable on the total fee. Rates are reviewed annually and we aim for realistic fees which give a worthwhile return to the tutors*.


Fees Charged to Clients – Indirect Pupils and Clients

Once you start tutoring clients through our referral system, it is likely that friends and contacts of your current or past 1-2-1 Home Tutors tutees may phone you asking for tutoring – without contacting us first. These students have come to you as an indirect result of our advertising and of our system and a commission is therefore due. We ask for your HONESTY in letting us know about these indirect tutees – it can also be to your advantage as we can help you assign an appropriate fee. As a THANK YOU to you for your honesty in this – we ask for only 10% of the usual commission on these tutees.


Our experience over twenty years is that this system works well and can be very much to your advantage (eg we can help you assign appropriate fees). Please, therefore, do not disregard this request and note that you are agreeing to this by signing the Declaration on the Registration Form. We regret that we would not be able to recommend you further if we discovered dishonesty in this respect.


Payment of fees to the Tutor

1-2-1 Home Tutors operates a simple system of payment. The tutor takes the quoted fee, inclusive of the commission, direct from the client. Fees may be paid to you by the client at each lesson or in advance but we recommend you don’t accept payment in arrears and certainly not with new clients. You may also consider offering block bookings. We recommend that the minimum session payable is an hour (thereafter in 15minute intervals) and that you charge for extra work done (eg out of session marking, preparation). The percentage of commission due to 1-2-1 Home Tutors is then forwarded to us, by cheque or BACS transfer, each month. It is your responsibility to discuss with the client the arrangements for payment, and then to collect the inclusive fee from the client. 1-2-1 Home Tutors cannot re-imburse a tutor who has omitted to collect the fee due – to avoid this rare occurrence we advise that the fee is collected at the beginning of a lesson rather than at the end of a lesson.

* As a guide: an average tutor’s ‘take-home’ fee (ie the actual fee quoted, net of commission) is currently about £20/hour, though this depends on factors mentioned above, such as subject, level, area, experience etc. Advanced levels tend to bring in higher fees than lower levels.


Lesson Appointment Cards

Lesson Appointment Cards are available once you start tutoring. These enable tutors to be professional and business-like with each new client and to make terms & conditions [ie cancellation fees, notice period] clear.


Payment of Commission

A feature of 1-2-1 Home Tutors is that you receive your money immediately from the clients. We then have to wait for our commission and we trust you to send this in to us promptly at the end of each month (20% of the total fee arranged is the norm- or 10% if it is an indirect pupil.) Our good relationship with you and the continuation of your further referral and recommendation depends on this.


There will be a Monthly Report Form – which you will be sent once you start tutoring – to complete and send it in to us along with the commission due, at the end of each month (for tutoring given during that month). Commission will be need to be received by the 6th of the following month else we may charge interest.


Interest charges on late payments of Commission

Unless by prior arrangement/discussion you send in your commission late – after the 6th of the month for tutoring given during the previous month – then the amount due is increased by the current rate of interest or surcharge as stated on the Monthly Report Forms which you will receive when you start tutoring. Should 1-2-1 Home Tutors have to take steps to recover the commission due to us, then the tutor will be liable for all costs, charges and expenses directly or indirectly incurred in obtaining or enforcing the payment. We sincerely thank tutors for their promptness in sending in the Monthly Report Forms and the commission without the need for reminders. It sustains the working relationship between us and we do expect honesty and reliability.

Inland Revenue /Insurance

Please note that these matters are your own responsibility.  We do not employ our tutors – we RECOMMEND or REFER you only.  Therefore we have no obligation to become involved in the deduction of tax or national insurance.  We do, however, advise that all tutors are aware of their responsibilities under the Inland Revenue self-assessment system. We also advise for your own self-employment records that it is wise to keep a notebook or invoice / receipt system and request a signature for each payment.


Cancellation of Lessons

Our advice is to be professional. We suggest that you clearly state your terms of business, concerning payment of fees, minimum booking, ‘out of session’ work and cancellation policy to each new client and we can supply Lesson Appointment Cards to help with this, if required.


We find that tutors who accept short-notice cancellations without disapproval quickly lose pupils and do not become established so easily. 1-2-1 Home Tutors cannot become involved in situations where clients fail to keep appointments and if a cancellation fee is requested by the tutor, then that fee is determined and administered by the tutor, and is due in total to the tutor without any 1-2-1 Home Tutors involvement.


Books and Equipment

We are unable to supply books or examination papers as we cover so many ages and subjects and levels.  However, clients will often be willing to purchase books recommended to them by tutors. All tutors are responsible for their own books and equipment and 1-2-1 Home Tutors cannot be asked to recover losses.


Tutor support

1-2-1 Home Tutors will endeavour to offer opinion/advice about aspects of tutoring where possible. Should tutors need advice on possible text books or past examination papers it is possible that we can help and/or could put them in touch with other tutors who are teaching similar subject-levels.



The Client’s confidentiality is respected in all circumstances and there must be no contact with a pupil’s school or college unless express permission from the client is given. There are circumstances in which the school is pleased to liaise with the tutor, but it must be the client who gives this directive.


Privacy policy

To read our privacy policy on the personal information we collect, how we use it and why please  click here



1-2-1 Home Tutors will not be held responsible for any injury, loss, accidental damage, and personal indictment or any other claim whatsoever arising in connection with any tutoring or teaching assignment.  Tutors, teacher and other professional persons are recommended to clients on the basis of their professional suitability and personal character, on the information obtained by 1-2-1 Home Tutors in good faith.


Our Statement of PRINCIPLES and CODE OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT is declared below.  We ask that all Tutors who register with us are in Agreement with these Statements:


  1. 1-2-1 Home Tutors supports the work carried out by teachers in both the state and the independent sector of education.


  1. We aim to help pupils gain confidence and to reach their full potential as individuals, both in character and achievement.


  1. We teach by positive encouragement and with a pastoral concern for the individual.


  1. The personal conduct and presentation of tutors registered with 1-2-1 Home Tutors will give no cause for reproach or concern whilst in a position of trust. 


  1. That tutors who register with 1-2-1 Home Tutors will be honest in their dealings with both the clients and with 1-2-1 Home Tutors, and will forward on to 1-2-1 Home Tutors the commission that is due as requested.



Location of Lessons:  Protection of tutor and pupils:

To protect both you as a tutor, and the tutee, we advise that you assess each situation and ideally aim to ensure that another adult is present in the house when lessons are taking place. Any insurance required against accident or personal injury is the responsibility of the tutor. At all times should tutors be aware of professionalism in their manner and personal presentation and keep a personal, disciplined code of behaviour which is conducive to mutual trust.


Change of address and Registration details

Please inform us of any changes in your Registration details and/or your availability for tutoring.





We hope we have given enough information about the way we operate and hope to receive your completed application. Once you have registered with us at 1-2-1 Home Tutors and you have been offered a first assignment, we will clearly explain the procedures to you then and offer advice and support if you decide to take on that pupil. In the meantime do contact us if you have further questions.

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