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If you’re a home tutor interested in private tutoring here are some common questions and answers we are asked…

What is the process for becoming a 121 Home Tutor?

First fill in the enquiry form and send it back to us, or email or call for an initial chat. Then we’ll send you an application form and further information to become a tutor. Once we receive formal application form, along with supporting documents (eg proof of id, qualifications, DBS, if available, CV) we’ll carry out a series of background checks, collect references and often meet you in person. Because you’re likely to be teaching children we have a strict set of criteria for choosing home tutors, and we’ll talk you through this. If you pass all our background checks we’ll start matching you up to students looking for private tuition in your subject area in and around Manchester and Cheshire.

Once I’m registered with 121 Home Tutors how much work will I get?

  • That depends on what you teach, your tutoring experience and where you live. However, we know some subject areas are more popular than others.
  • Core subjects like Maths and English and specialised levels such as 11+ always need more home tutors looking for private work.
  • The more flexible you can be on location and times the more likely you are to get work, most tutoring is done in evenings and weekends. Some students prefer the home tutor to travel to their own home.
  • How professional you are – if you are a good time keeper, well-presented and build good relationships then you are likely to get more recommendations for private tutoring.

How much will I get paid?

The amount you get paid will depend on:

  • How many hours you tutor private students
  • Your experience and areas of expertise
  • The subject you tutor in and the level (so higher levels tend to command higher fees)
  • Whether you travel to your student or they travel to you

We’ll let you know the fee you’ll receive before you start tutoring any new private student. Further information is available in our application pack.

Do I have to be a teacher to tutor privately?

No. Some of our cheshire home tutors are teachers or teacher trained but many come from completely different backgrounds. We review each application individually and often non-teachers make excellent home tutors for private students as they aren’t constrained by what they do in a classroom.

As a general guide you need to be qualified to at least the level above in the subject you want to home tutor in (so if you want to tutor A Level Maths, you’ll need a Maths degree).

What subject areas do you need tutors for?

We’re always looking for home tutors – regardless of the subject area or level. But some areas are in higher demand in Manchester, South Manchester and Cheshire. So we especially need cheshire home tutors willing to do private work for entrance test and 11+ preparation and Maths tutors, Science tutors, English tutors, French, German language tutors and Spanish tutors.

You can also tutor private students in more than one subject if you reach the minimum qualification level for each subject. For example several of our Maths tutors also tutor science privately.

How do I become a 121 Home tutor?

The first step is to fill in our enquiry form below or email or call for an initial chat.

Why should I choose 121 Home Tutor to tutor privately?

  • You can earn more money, flexibly, with hours to suit you.
  • Fair fees that reflect your expertise and experience – you’ll often earn more working with us, for peace of mind parents often like to work with an agency rather than an individual.
  • The support of a professional, reputable and caring company  – parents often chose us instead of an individual tutor as we can make personal recommendations.
  • The way we run 121 Home Tutors means you get personal matches to suitable students – you don’t get time wasters or unsuitable enquiries.
  • You don’t have to pay out for your own tutor advertising – we run campaigns across  Manchester and Cheshire.
  • We offer ongoing support and training. We are home tutors so we understand the needs and issues that arise when you work as a home tutor with private students.

Do you charge anything to register?

No, it’s free to register to tutor private students with 121 Home Tutors.

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