Online Tuition

121 Home Tutors online, are now able to offer online tutoring in some subjects.

English – lower secondary, scholarship entry exams, GCSE, proofreading, general writing

History – lower secondary, scholarship entry exams, GCSE, AS, A2, degree

Maths – primary, 11+, entrance tests, GCSE, A level

Physics – GCSE, AS, A2

Psychometric aptitude tests – for graduate job applications

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Online tutoring?

Our online tutors use a range of applications, such as Skype, FaceTime and Google+ Hangouts, to create a ‘virtual tutorial’ and with advancing technology its almost like having a face to face tutorial. Some of our tutors and students use online tutoring to supplement face-to face tuition.

Online tutoring can work well for some students, especially those studying the more essay based topics such as English and History; our tutors will read and offer comment, and if necessary arrange voice and/or web – based tutorials.

Online tuition can be easier to arrange tuition than a face-to-face tutorial and doesn’t necessarily have to be in hour blocks, which is the norm for face-to face-tuition. Online tutoring may also better suit those that live in remote areas, or even in different areas, regions or even countries!

Become an online tutor

We are interested to work with tutors that are able to offer online tuition – please see our ‘become a tutor‘ page

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