Fees vary per subject and level and are also dependent on the tutor’s experience level & popularity and the location of the tuition (if you prefer the tutor to travel to your home to provide the home tuition then travel expenses are likely incurred).

As  a rough guide, fees per hour are in the following ranges (excluding travel expenses):

Tutor’s experience level* →) level 1 tutor level 2 tutor level 3 tutor
Subject level ↓ £ per hour £ per hour £ per hour
Primary years 1-6 £15-20 £21-25 £30+
11+/entrance test £18-22 £23-25 £30+
Secondary years 7,8,9 £18-20 £21-25 £30-40
GCSE / iGCSE £18-20 £21-25 £30-40
A level £20-24 £25-29 £35-45
Degree / professional n/a £28-34 £35-40

*As a guide to the levels of tutor experience:

 Experience Level 1 tutor – Undergraduate student with tutoring experience and high grade A levels, Postgraduate student with degree or newly qualified teachers

Experience Level 2 tutor – teacher  or private tutor with less than 3 years experience

Experience Level 3 Tutor – highly experienced teacher or private tutor, usually with over 3 years experience of private tutoring and a track record of results

Note also,

  • Popular, high demand subjects, such as 11+ / entrance exam test tuition, maths, English and Science tuition tend to incur higher fees.
  • Many tutors ask an additional, usually small contribution to their travel time and expense.
  • Some tutors may offer discounts for sessions longer than an hour or for non-refundable block bookings paid in advance.

**Please note we cannot guarantee prices and offer the above as an indication of current fees asked by our tutors **

Please contact us for a personal quote.

Note: fees are not necessarily an indicator of an individual tutor’s experience. While we encourage the best tutors and the best tutors often come at a premium, we also encourage tutors to have realistic/competitive fees

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