Fees vary per subject and level and are also dependent on the tutor’s experience level & popularity and the location of the tuition (if you prefer the tutor to travel to your home to provide the home tuition then travel expenses are likely incurred).

We will listen to your tuition requirements and then give you an estimate of the cost, or perhaps even a definite cost, per hour.   This may sound a bit vague, but every tutoring need is different.

As  a rough guide, fees per hour are in the following ranges (excluding travel expenses):

Tutor’s experience →) 0-1 years 1-3 years over 3 years
Subject level ↓ £ per hour £ per hour £ per hour
Primary years 1-6 £20-25 £25-30 £30+
11+/entrance test £20-25 £25-30 £30+
Secondary years 7,8,9 £20-25 £25-30 £30-40
GCSE / iGCSE £20-25 £25-30 £30-40
A level £20-25 £25-30 £35-45
Degree / professional n/a £28-34 £35-50

*As a guide to the levels of tutor experience:

‘0-1’ tutor – Undergraduate student with tutoring experience and high grade A levels, Postgraduate student with degree or newly qualified teachers

‘1-3 years’  tutor – teacher  or private tutor with less than 3 years experience

‘over 3 years’ Tutor – highly experienced teacher or private tutor, usually with over 3 years experience of private tutoring and a track record of results

Note also,

  • Popular, high demand subjects, such as 11+ / entrance exam test tuition, maths, English and Science tuition tend to incur higher fees.
  • Many tutors ask an additional, usually small contribution to their travel time and expense.
  • Some tutors may offer discounts for sessions longer than an hour or for non-refundable block bookings paid in advance.

**Please note we cannot guarantee prices and offer the above as an indication of current fees asked by our tutors **

Please contact us for a personal quote.

Note: fees are not necessarily an indicator of an individual tutor’s experience. While we encourage the best tutors and the best tutors often come at a premium, we also encourage tutors to have realistic/competitive fees

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