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121 Home Tutors,  private tutors in Manchester,  offers private tuition in your own home and help with most major subjects and at all levels. If you would like us to find you a private tutor in Manchester, please follow the link>>

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Primary Tuition GCSE Tuition A level Tuition
 11+ preparation Biology Biology
Entrance test tuition Chemistry Chemistry Tutor
Primary Literacy Tutors English (Language & Literature) English (Language & Literature)
Primary Numeracy Tutors German German
KS1 Tutors History History
KS2 Tutors Maths Maths
Music Sociology
Art tutor (all ages) Religious Studies (RE) Politics
Science Philosophy
Physics Physics

If you don’t see the  subject you require please get in touch as we are always recruiting private tutors in Manchester to our team.

We currently have private tutors in Manchester that offer tuition in primary subjects, for 11+ preparation and entrance exam test preparation, maths, English, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and core and additional sciences), French, History, German, Music (incl. composition & theory; violin, piano, flute, guitar), Art, Sociology & Politics.

We can help you find a private tutor in Manchester, and local areas that can help with all levels, from age 3 years to adult, from Basic Skills, primary numeracy and literacy to Eleven Plus and entrance tests, GCSE, A level and above. Our tutors also cater for adults.

We have a private english tutor in Manchester to coach children and adults at all levels from key stage 1 (KS1) through KS2,  entrance exam and 11+ prep, to GCSE and A level. We also have private maths tutors, private science tutors, (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Core and Additional Science), private language tutors for French, German, Spanish and Japanese as well as other private tutors for Psychology A level, Music, History & others.

If you need a private english tutor in Manchester, our private english tutor offers private english tuition across Manchester in towns such as Altrincham, Burnage, Baguley, Chorlton, Didsbury, Levenshulme, Old Trafford, Sale, Salford, Stretford, Wythenshaw, Urmston & more.

Similarly, if you need a private maths tutor in Manchester, or private science tutors, or private language tutors, private 11+ tutors and more our tutors offer private tuition across Manchester.

In the Trafford region we have been particularly successful finding a private tutor for parents of children in primary school years 4,5 and 6 to help with 11+ preparation and  preparation for  entrance exams for local state and private schools including the Trafford grammar schools such as Altrincham Girls Grammar School, Altrincham Boys Grammar School, Loretto, Manchester Grammar School, Manchester Girls High School, St Ambrose, Sale Grammar, Stretford Grammar, Urmston Grammar  & others

New Tutors & teachers are more than welcome to apply – please see our become a tutor page

We are currently keen to recruit more primary school teachers, especially those with experience of 11+ preparation, and private English tutors and/or teachers in the South Manchester and Manchester areas

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