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We have over 150 male and female qualified tutors who cover a range of subjects including English, Maths, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General Science), French, German, Spanish, History, Politics, Geography, Economics, Business Studies, Music and more across many different levels. They can provide personal, private tuition for school, college, university and some professional subjects. Our tutors either offer tuition in your home or, occasionally, their own home, across Cheshire, Manchester, Stockport, Trafford, Wilmslow and surrounds.

How do we select our home tuition tutors?

All 121 Home Tutors must be professionally qualified and able to demonstrate expertise in their subject area. Our tutors come from a range of backgrounds; current teachers, ex-teachers, retired teachers, professional tutors, college teachers, trainers, lecturers and allied professionals.

At 121 Home Tutors we are acutely aware that when you take on a private tutor, you are effectively welcoming a stranger into your home. So our recruiting processes adhere to rigorous standards, with full and continual background checks and monitoring through student and parent feedback.

What checks do you carry out?

Our tutor selection includes rigorous checking of qualifications and assessment of their suitability for private tuition and sometimes an initial interview.

  • We require that the tutor be qualified to a least a level above the level at which they offer home tuition.
  • We require at least two references from each tutor; one academic and the other from a current/former employer.
  • We check proof of identity and address. We also examine passport, driving licence and utility bills and we check that the tutor has a valid DBS (police check), ideally enhanced.
  • We will confirm the name and contact details of the recommended tutor so that you know who will contact you to arrange tuition.
  • We can provide individual tutor profiles on request.

Please help me find a private tutor in Manchester, Stockport, Trafford or Wilmslow areas today

Rachel Whitby – English and English Literature at KS2, KS3 and KS4

Private home tuition works…

I’ve just signed up as a tutor with 121 Home Tutors and I’m already impressed with the professional approach and operation of the company. Alison is friendly and has made the process of the very thorough checks she must go through simple and straightforward. I found out about 121 Home Tutors from a teacher in Bramhall.

I’m looking forward to the chance of working with students who have ‘switched’ off from English, finding ways to re-engage them so they recognise and reach their true potential. And, of course, fall back in love with my favourite subject!

One on one work, in a home tuition setting, creates a very different relationship than the one that is possible in a classroom. The close bond between tutor and student means mistakes are possible, and in fact welcomed, because they open up new learning avenues. Challenges become easier as the students are less inhibited away from their peers – the old rules and ideas that may have prevented learning can go out the window.

Dave Kissack – GCSE Maths, Physics and General Science

Home tuition is personal and gets results…

I found 121 Home Tutors on a search engine when I first started looking into tutoring work. Alison asked me to come and meet her face to face and that was an indication of the way things are done at 121 – everything is personal, considered and checked out. Alison, who runs 121, is a highly qualified academic herself and understands what a vital role tutoring can play in helping a student succeed – a tutor can take the time to understand a student’s issues and target their tutoring to fit those concerns.

I have a small client base, and I just work for 121 Home Tutors, so I’ve been able to build up trust and close relationships with my students and their parents. And this is so important in helping a student get results – how do I know? Well, one of my students gained an A in Physics this year.

Chris Allies – Primary, Secondary, GCSE and A Level Maths

Private tutoring is incredibly rewarding…

When you go to a business networking event to sell your accountancy services you don’t expect to leave with the idea that you may become a private tutor. But that’s exactly what happened to me. I met Alison at this event and was so impressed by the personal service she offered and her professionalism that I wanted to be part of 121 Home Tutors.

As an accountant I’ve always loved Maths and I have 6 children of my own, so I was used to a fair bit of home tutoring! I loved the idea of being able to make a difference to a student, removing the lottery and cattle herd tactics of school and helping someone find their confidence in a subject.

I now teach Maths at all levels, up to A Level and over the years have seen certain failure transform into comfort (and even love!) with Maths and good passes many times over.

Malosree Sandel – English Literature to undergraduate level and English Language to A Level including all Key Stages and GCSE, Combined English at A Level

Private tutoring helps students love their subject…

I first approached 121 Home Tutors because I was keen to expand my tutoring business – I love working with students, not just to help them understand English but to actually learn to love it. And of course I think it’s vital that I help them achieve good grades.

Often in the school or college setting the teachers don’t have the time they’d like to dedicate to the needs of the individual student. In the one to one sessions I have with my students I can help work through individual issues, eliminating problems with writing answers but also help them focus on what I call their own personal ‘virtues’ in writing.

I’ve had two students – Greta and Joseph – who made great strides during their private tutoring sessions with me. They achieved A and A+ in their finals and their parents told me I have inspired them to love their subject. That’s the best reward any tutor can get.

Aidan O’Rourke – Beginner to advanced German, Beginner to intermediate French, English as a Foreign Language and Photography

Home tuition is the best form of teaching…

I first found out about 121 Home Tutors when I was looking for tutoring firms on the internet. I was impressed by their visibility on the web and after I’d spoken to Alison I knew they’d be the kind of tutoring agency I’d like to work for. Alison was extremely professional and it was apparent she had high standards. I’ve gone through the application process with a number of other agencies but 121 is the only private tutoring company to provide consistent work.

I think tutoring is the best form of teaching. I’ve taught in a classroom and often found it frustrating as you are trying to coach 20 to 30 individuals simultaneously. It just doesn’t work. With tutoring, you can concentrate on the student entirely and do everything you need to do very efficiently. My students have 100% access to someone knowledgeable in the subject, who can help them to learn by devoting 100% of their attention.

I know home tuition gets results – I had one GCSE student in French who had a few problems with the subject at school, but under my tuition went on to gain the highest possible grade at GCSE Foundation level, a grade C. This enabled him to go on and do his chosen subjects at college.

Teacher, teaching assistant or skilled professional? Want to help others to learn?


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