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We believe the best results come from finding the right match of home tutor to student and so we don’t supply a long list of private tutors in Manchester and surrounding areas for you to call around.

To help us us find you a home tutor thats well matched to the student and their needs please tell us the following information…

  • What subject do you need a private tutor in?
  • What age or level is the student at (e.g. GCSE)
  • What learning issues does the student have (need helps in algebra or for a certain exam)
  • Where do you want tutoring to happen (in your home?)
  • Do you want a male or female private home tutor?
  • When do you want the tutor to start?

Once we talked through the options with you we’ll recommend a private tutor in Manchester (& surrounding areas) or if you are in the East Cheshire area a private home tutor in the Cheshire areas that is a good match, we’ll also tell you about fees and answer any questions.

Sometimes it can take us several attempts to find exactly the right match for you or your child but we think it’s important to take the time because the right relationship will bring real results.

So if you’d like to find a private tutor fill in the form below, call or email

If you decide to go ahead with one of our private  tutors in Manchester or cheshire home tutors you’ll enter into a contract (this can be verbal or written) with that learning tutor and agree to their terms and conditions.

Please don’t worry that it’s a contract that ties you into taking lots of lessons. It doesn’t.  We’re all wanting to do what’s best for the student and the number of lessons required varies dependent on students’ requirements. Most tutors’ terms and conditions are to give the home tutor at least 24hrs notice of a single lesson cancellation &  2weeks notice of permanent cancellation.

Please note our home tutors  currently only cover Manchester, Stockport and East Cheshire areas – Macclesfield, Northwich, Wilmslow, areas for home tuition – though we have some History and English tutors that offer online tuiton.

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