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How to get the best from your tutor

At 121 Home Tutors we know our students get the most out of tutoring when they are on the same wavelength as their tutor. But how do you make sure you have a good relationship with your tutor and what can you do when things go wrong?

Here to help

Remember your tutor is there to help. They aren’t the enemy and will always be willing to offer help when you ask. But you do need to ask. Tutors can’t read minds so you need to get it out in the open if you are struggling with a particular area or something the tutor does. If that’s hard face to face, you can always write it down, send an email or if you’ve chosen your tutor through a company like 121 Home Tutors speak to the person who initially put you in touch with the tutor.

Do the basics

Our best students enjoy their lessons and we enjoy tutoring them, they participate in each lesson, ask questions and take an interest. It’s great if you turn up when you should (as our tutors do), complete the work between sessions and stay alert during the lesson.

Keep it real

Tutors can’t work magic. We can’t help you jump three grades overnight. If you feel like you aren’t making progress at the pace you’d hoped then talk to your tutor. Most tutors will sit down with you before they start tutoring and talk about how you can achieve what you want and in what timescales.

What is the problem?

If you aren’t clicking with your tutor then before you stop using them try and figure out what the problem is. Is it the tutor or the subject you dislike? If you really hate a subject it can affect how you feel about the tutor. It can be the case that you just don’t like the tutor, some people get on better than others. But you will have to work with people you don’t like in the future and as long as you respect your tutors opinion and experience there’s no reason you can’t work together to get good results.

If you’ve reached a stage where you feel like the relationship is affecting your learning then take a three step approach. First try and talk to your tutor about the problem. Second talk it through with a friend or parent, ask them how you could get on better with your tutor. And finally if all else fails and you use a tutoring company like 121 Home Tutors go back and ask for a new tutor, sometimes it can take more than one attempt to find the right match.

If you live in Manchester or Cheshire and you’d like more information on working with tutor and how it can help improve your grade and confidence drop us a line today.

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