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How much does private tutoring cost?

If you’ve just started investigating private tuition for yourself or your child then you’ll probably want to know how much it will cost. It’s a cost which has to be weighed up, after all it’s going to be an additional household expense every week and you may have more than one child that needs private tutoring (or one child that needs help in several subjects).

What we can say with complete certainty is that when it comes to tutoring cheapest is not always best. You want to focus on finding a high quality tutor who has been through a checking procedure and is the right fit for you or your child. Before you choose a tutor based on cost it’s worth asking why they are cheap – could they be inexperienced or under qualified? Are they struggling to find work (a good tutor will always be in demand)?

What do your charge for private tuition in Manchester and Cheshire?

At 121 Home Tutors our average tuition fee is around £25-30 an hour (it varies depending on the subject and level and other factors such as travel and experience discussed below). Now after the sharp intake of breath think about what that includes:

  • Preparation time – even the most experienced tutor with years of notes and plans needs 15-30 mins prep time before each session.
  • Travel time/cost – even if you live locally (all our tutors are in Manchester and Cheshire) their travel time can be anything up to 30 mins.
  • Your tutor’s experience – they bring hours and hours of experience of teaching and tutoring and they know what it takes to make a difference.
  • Your tutor’s enthusiasm and individual focus – if you child has developed a complete hatred of a subject an enthusiastic tutor can turn them from disinterested into a Maths/English/French addict.
  • Continual feedback – rather than infrequent parents’ evening you can talk to the tutor each week and establish if your child is making progress (and tackle any issues immediately).
  • Peace of mind – because you’ve come through 121 Home Tutors you know your tutor has been checked and you can talk to us if you have a problem with the private tutor we’ve matched you with.

A recent Daily Telegraph article (31st July 2010) discussed tutoring fees with some London tutors charging up to £80 an hour.

Why should I invest in private tutoring?

We’ll leave you with these two thoughts…

  • Investing in private tuition to get your child into your school of choice nearer home versus the cost and hassle of transporting your child to an alternative school which is further away.
  • The long term investment in your child’s future – early private tuition can have a significant impact on your child’s grades as they progress in school. Looking beyond school,  private tuition could be the key to securing a university place and a well paid career.

We’d love to hear about your experiences around fees for private tutoring. Please leave a comment below. If you’d like to find out more about private tutoring for subjects including maths, English and science in Manchester, Stockport and Wilmslow then contact us.

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