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Private tutoring can make maths fun!

When you think of Maths and private tuition then fun probably isn’t what springs to mind. But at 121 Home Tutors one of our most requested subjects for private tutoring across Manchester and Cheshire is Maths.

Basic numeracy underpins everything we do – from our weekly shop to paying bills but children often find it boring and switch off. Lots of parents approach us for private maths tuition when their child is in primary school. Quite often they’re already struggling with the basics; complain they find maths ‘boring’ or lack confidence.  If we can make maths fun with private tuition at this stage then most children find maths in the classroom more enjoyable.

One of the advantages of private tuition is that we aren’t constrained by the ‘rules’ of the classroom and we can devote one to one time to very specific areas of maths. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring, after all that wouldn’t be much fun for the student or private tutor!

So how can we ditch the dullness and make maths more fun? Here are three top techniques our private maths tutors recommend:

1.      Begin with fun. It can be really easy to forget that starting in the right way is often the key to engaging a child in learning. Maths starts with counting – so liven it up. Ask your child to count different types of houses or signs when you are in the car. At home count using unusual objects (food is always good).

2.      Make it real. Children are much more likely to be interested in something if they see how it relates to their life. Take them to the supermarket and look at prices, get them to help you count out money at the till.

3.      Games are good. There are loads of number and maths games that you can play with your child which will help them improve their maths – suduko is a great example (and there is even a family play version Kakuzu).

The great thing about working with 121 Home Tutors is that we offer specifically matched maths private tutors right on your doorstep across Manchester and Cheshire, so whether you live in Didsbury, Altrincham or Stockport we can find the right maths tutor to fit your needs. Just drop us a line for more details.

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