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Applying for tutoring jobs

This month we’re focussing on job applications. You might wonder why a tutoring company like 121 Home Tutors is writing about jobs but we receive lots of applications for tutoring positions and a surprising amount of enquiries from people who need help with writing applications and CVs. Sometimes people come to us because English isn’t their first language or they are unsure of how to structure an application correctly. We have a number of English and professional services tutors who can help if you want to put together an application that really shines and will ensure you secure the job you want.

But for a moment let’s go back to those people who apply to 121 Home Tutors for jobs. In the last few months we’ve seen a gradual increase in the number of applications we receive. The job market (and tutoring hasn’t escaped) is tough and we are receiving applications from people who have lost their jobs in many different fields and want to try their hand at tutoring. Unfortunately, we see the same mistakes again and again in applications so we’ve come up with some top tips for those who want to apply to become tutors.

  •  If you are applying by email then treat it exactly the same way as you would a letter. This is a job application, not a quick message to a friend. Keep it friendly but formal. And make sure you spell check before you send.
  •  If you are applying to multiple companies for tutoring then don’t cut and paste your application, think about why you are applying to that particular company and tailor your application and covering email. What we often see is applications that have details of another tutoring company included!
  •  If you are asked to complete a form which says ‘summary of relevant experience’ then complete the page. Do what the application asks, don’t direct someone to an attached sheet of A4 or a CV.
  •  Take your time to fill in an application. If you return it minutes after you receive it then it doesn’t demonstrate that you’ve put a lot of thought into the application or job.
  • Before you send your application check for spelling mistakes and grammar. If you aren’t sure then get a friend to check for you. Spell check doesn’t catch every mistake so read it aloud to double check. It looks incredibly sloppy if you are applying to be an English tutor and have spelling mistakes in the first line.
  •  Make sure your application clearly shows why you would be a good tutor. A list of qualifications is great but there is so much more to tutoring – think about how you would connect with a child, how would you manage with parents around, how would you plan tutoring sessions.

You can apply to be a tutor with 121 Home Tutors here. We are looking for primary and secondary private tutors in Maths and English in Didsbury, Sale and Altrincham. If you have skills in other areas do complete our application form and we will be in touch.

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