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Do tutors just help people pass exams?

At 121 Home Tutors we get all kinds of calls and emails asking for private tutoring help – from the parents of a primary school child already falling behind with Maths to 11 plus tutoring and A Level one on one tuition. Most people come to us because they have an end goal in mind – to pass an exam, get better at a subject or overcome a problem with a topic.

What we hear at the end of the tutoring process might surprise you. Our students (and their parents) and thrilled we’ve helped them pass exams, gain entrance to a grammar school or get to grips with a difficult subject. But we also regularly hear that private tutoring has given them so much more than an exam certificate. It’s boosted their confidence, help them improve in other subject areas that they aren’t been tutored in and changed their attitude to school and learning.

In the last couple of years we have seen parents and children place less emphasis on these areas and more on just passing the exam and we think that’s a missed opportunity.

As we move beyond school and college we require a vast set of core skills – from planning to research skills, creativity and adaptability. These skills are best taught and embedded at a young age to encourage versatile, confident and talented adults. Passing exams is important but they are no guarantee to landing the right job or progressing in a career.

One of our tutors has recently returned from several years teaching overseas and has seen firsthand how many students (especially in the Far East) are using private tutoring to develop core skills that will see them succeed many years after they leave education.

We are working with our students to encourage them to use their tutors as a resource rather than just a means to pass an exam so their overseas competitors don’t leave them behind.

If you’d like to know more about private tutoring at primary and secondary level in Manchester (Hale, Stretford and Trafford) then contact 121 Home Tutors today.

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