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GCSEs to be replaced by EBacc – Part Two

Last month it was announced that GCSEs are going to be replaced by a new qualification, the EBacc or English Baccalaureate. Last week we gave you some information on the changes and what they might mean for your child and this week we’ll continue helping you understand how the changes might affect your child.

Our tutors (and teachers) constantly keep abreast of developments in education and ensure they are aware of upcoming curriculum changes.

In the last few years our tutors and teachers have seen changes to maths, science, English and other syllabuses and changes in the ‘rules’ for sitting exams (as GCSE exams move back to the linear route]. We have also seen the introduction of qualifications such as the new AQA 1/2 certificates and the increasing take up of iGCSEs by independent schools and we have been tutoring students through these syllabuses.

From a tutor’s point of view, the introduction of a new qualification is no more significant than the introduction of a new syllabus – there will be new things to learn and certain things we already know. From a general teaching point of view each academic year brings new ways of teaching, new pupils, new classrooms and a fresh approach to lessons so change is something we are very used to.

When it comes to the actual content of the EBacc we are relatively sure there will not be major changes – there will still be Maths, English and Science etc. And we know what will change will be the approach rather than what is actually taught – so less modules (if any), longer exams, fewer multiple choice style questions and a more stringent academic approach with possibly, harsher marking and higher grade boundaries.  If the plans do go ahead then at least a year in advance (often more) the exam boards will develop their course and exams.

This is then accredited by the exams watchdog, then passed onto teachers (and private tutors) so they have all the information they need to teach. At this stage many teachers will be given additional support and training and use their own experience and judgment to decide how best to support their pupils.

If you would like to talk about one to one tutoring for GCSEs or EBacc in Manchester or Cheshire (Wilmslow, Altrincham, Heaton Moor) then contact us today.








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