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Summer tuition … is it for you?

Shortly, it’ll be a case of ‘school’s out for the summer.’ No more lessons for weeks, even months!

While a family holiday or  fun day out can help children recharge their batteries, for many parents the initial excitement of school hols wears off quickly. How to stave off boredom often becomes the challenge.

Little wonder that we get a surge of interest in summer tuition this time of year! Interestingly, many parents these days want to keep up the momentum, to make better use of free time.

As we find out every year, a course of summer tuition can help children:

  • Maintain interest in learning. As you know, a six week break from school can switch a child off learning. Private tuition keeps your child’s brain buzzing – increasing their motivation.
  • Build knocked confidence. The summer term doesn’t always go well. Disappointing end of year exams and reports often leave children deflated. Catch-up lessons over the summer gives them the chance to tackle those weaknesses without the pressures of the classroom.
  • Prepare for testing. With 11+ and Common Entrance exams starting from September, the summer break is the perfect time to practise techniques! That’s why a one to one tutor can be instrumental in helping a child get to grips with some of those difficult skills.

Whether your child is taking a grammar entrance or 11 plus exam, or needs that extra bit of help over the summer, call us. From Wilmslow to Stockport, Altrincham to Manchester, we’ll find a specialist tutor for you.


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