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How to Beat Exam Stress

Does exam pressure worry you? An NUT survey revealed that children in Year 2 upwards are getting more exam stressed than ever before – with some avoiding school all together!

How can you help your child overcome exam nerves? Whether sitting SATs, Entrance tests, GCSEs or A Levels, why not try these practical tips:

  • Get planning! Map out what the exam papers cover, dividing revision into manageable chunks.
  • Take breaks. Don’t sit revising for hours on end. Instead, balance work with play/free time. Get some fresh air! Do something active. Go to the cinema…
  • Have fun. Short bursts of brain training can keep motivation up: play word games, have competitions with friends, do 10 minute activities, create flash cards to learn from.
  • Tackle past papers against the clock! A great activity as it fine-tunes your timing, and helps identify tricky questions.
  • Praise praise praise! The end result can seem a long way off. So keep your child’s spirits up by reassuring and praising them – often.

Remember: exam success often depends on a child’s confidence. Plus, knowing the right technique is half the battle! That’s how we can help…

So worry no longer. At 121 Home Tutors, specialist teachers can prepare your child for those dreaded tests, inspiring them to try their best. After all, that’s all that matters…

Exams imminent? With just two months to go before children sit independent school exams in Manchester, we can help. Call us today!

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