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How will the 2015 Education shake-up affect you?

As we deck the halls with holly at 121 Home Tutors, we’re keeping an eye on education changes across Manchester and Cheshire in 2015. So what are they, and what can you do to make the best of them?

1. GCSE Curriculum. If your son/daughter is currently in year 9, they’ll be the first year to face GCSE curriculum changes in English and Maths come September. With modular courses out, and linear exams in, it’ll be more important than ever that your child learns to study effectively, write essays under pressure and perfect exam technique.

New testing arrangements, numbers replacing grades, and new content to grapple with, will make it a challenging time for many children.

Advice: consult with your child’s school on how these imminent changes will affect your child.

2. School leaving age. If your son or daughter is in year 11, they must now achieve a C grade at GCSE level in Maths and English. If they fall below this in the summer exams, the law states that they will need to continue studying these subjects post-16.

Advice: If either Maths or English is a weakness, prioritise these subjects in the spring term. In a matter of months, your child will be on study leave. So focusing on weak areas now will help them meet this statutory target.

Don’t panic. We’ve experienced GCSE tutors here to help prepare your child for any future exam. Just call!  In the meantime, have a lovely Christmas…


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