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The Magical World of Maths…

Many primary school children – whether facing SATS or entrance exams – find Maths tricky. It can be abstract yet logical, requiring children to understand loads of different concepts at once.

Fractions, algebra, decimals et al can be confusing at first. Because of this, children are often put off discovering more about maths’ magical wonders!

Well, here at 121 Home School Tutors, we LOVE Maths.¬†That’s why we’ve put together a yummy list of mathematical activities to hook a reluctant child’s interest. Try these:

  • Pizza fractions! Use a pizza delivery as an opportunity to explore fractions… Divide the whole’ pizza into 8th, or 1/4s. Eat a slice to see what’s left… Explore how 2/8 is the same as 1/4 etc,. A whole is made up of two 1/2s. A 1/2 is made up of…
  • Car counting! A lovely little activity to do while out and about. Pick two registration plates and get multiplying, subtracting or adding up!
  • Get calculating! First calculate the time that same journey took in minutes. Then times it by 4 trips, or 6 to work out the total time.
  • Bake-a-thon! Any excuse to get in the kitchen for a spot of cake baking… Why not make cupcakes? While you look over the recipe, apply ratio and fractions to amend the recipe. Double or triple the ingredients. Once cooked, divide them into equal piles. How many can you make?

Of course, exam questions on the 11+ or SATs paper can involve multiple concepts, with several steps. Don’t be overwhelmed or trip up: Call us to speak to a wonderful Maths tutor. Whether you’re in Manchester or Cheshire, we’re ready to help!

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