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Is it time to go back to basics?

Did you catch this article recently? It covers an interesting study from an education think tank regarding the use of computer technology in schools.

Research shows that computers alone don’t actually raise standards… Given that children today are always wired up to technology, this opens up the debate about its benefits.

Technology is a vehicle for learning. And it’s here to stay. Used correctly, it can enhance a child’s understanding. That said, the article is a reminder that computers shouldn’t replace learning basic skills first.

After all, we need to teach children to think critically for themselves, to problem solve, to communicate effectively… Given that the results show:

  • “No appreciable improvements” in reading, mathematics or science in the countries that had invested heavily in information technology
  • High achieving school systems such as South Korea and Shanghai in China have lower levels of computer use in school

where does that leave you?

The benefits of being unplugged

While computers are undoubtedly a fantastic resource, we think they should never be over used.

Most children who struggle in school need help with the basics: English reading and writing skills, Maths techniques, how to process scientific data… That’s why it can help to work with a private tutor.

Once a child has a firm grip of the basics, the sky really is the limit. Call our terrific team of specialist tutors today if you need an extra helping hand this term. From Wilmslow to Stockport and Altrincham – plus all across Manchester and Cheshire.

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