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Could a Teacher Shortage Affect Your Child?

You might have heard about the teacher recruitment crisis in the news? Schools are struggling to recruit qualified teachers across the board. With low starting salaries, many newly qualified teachers simply can’t get on the housing ladder and therefore don’t apply for jobs.

As well as this, trainee teacher numbers are down for the third year running. And of those teachers who enter the profession, a large proportion struggle with the daunting workload. In fact, in a recent survey, over half the teachers admitted they’d considered leaving the profession because of it.

This makes for a very unsettled picture if your child is in education at the moment, doesn’t it?

Aside from the recruitment crisis, what about teachers who leave mid-way through a school year? Adapting to another teacher or supply teacher’s learning style can take time – the impact of which can make children feel behind, or that there are gaps in their education.

Some children even struggle to adjust emotionally too, especially if their favourite teacher leaves…

How can private tuition help?

With schools up against it, there’s no surprise that private tuition has mushroomed. Here in the Manchester and Cheshire area, we speak to many parents who arrange extra support to help get their child back on track.

One to one tuition not only offers children and parents a reassuring stability, it can prove to be life-changing.

Popular requests are for English, Maths and Science tutors, as well as modern languages and entrance exam tuition. If you would like to arrange a personal tutor, do please get in touch with our professional tuition team here.

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