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When should you start summer exam revision?

Ah, great question. With Christmas just gone – and dreary winter weather afoot – the summer seems a million years away. Many students start off year 11 or 13 thinking they’ll wait until the Easter hols before getting down to some serious revision.

Big mistake! Why? Simple really. If you’ve had mock exams, chances are that you’ve only sat just one of the papers whereas subjects such Maths have three! English Language and Literature: four!

Not only is it essential to get on top of the areas you struggled with in recent exams, but also to ensure that you feel prepared for ALL your final exams in May and June. That’s a lot of work!

How to manage spring term revision

  • Draw up a list of the topics and exam papers you struggled with in recent mocks
  • Be honest about which revision techniques worked, and what didn’t
  • What are your essential GCSEs or A Levels you MUST pass? What are your minimum grades?
  • Build (around your daily timetable) a revision plan based on learning a little often
  • Test yourself regularly. There are endless tests/practice papers online. You could even test yourself by doing Paper 1, section A for English Language for example. Break down self tests into manageable chunks…
  • Arrange a private tutor to help you fill knowledge gaps, and sharpen your exam technique

Cramming style revision adds to anxiety, whereas spacing out your revision early enough can help you both manage exam stress and maximise performance.

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