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Ready to take on the 11+ competition?

Is your child sitting an entrance exam or the 11+ in the next year? Chances are that you are worried about whether your child will get a place or not? It’s common.

With fierce competition to get into top selective grammar and independent schools across Manchester and Cheshire, it’s essential to do a little homework into preparing your child for what lies ahead.

Many parents start the process by buying a shedload of practice papers and books for their child to wade through – hoping that this will suffice.

Unfortunately, repetitive exam practice – without clear direction – can do the opposite. Children often end up feeling confused and frustrated because they don’t know ‘why’ they’ve got something wrong – or ‘how’ to get it right.

As you know yourself, if you’ve ever scratched your head over a complex 11+ question, the answers are not always obvious.

Then, instead of feeling confident, children start thinking they can’t do it. Once that happens, any future school place could be in jeopardy.

So what is the answer?

How to build your child’s confidence for the best chance of success

  • To do well in any exam, you have to learn the right skills to maintain a high standard under timed conditions.
  • You also need to have a system in place where your child can learn from their mistakes. After all, nobody gets everything right first time.
  • That’s why it’s essential to help your child understand why they went wrong and how best to approach tricky questions. Books can help to a certain degree, though nothing beats the personal touch.
  • Best options are to either teach yourself how to tackle these entrance exams. This option will take time and effort – plus expense. Buying lots of self-teach texts and exam papers does mount up.
  • The other option is to arrange a course of personal tuition with a specialist entrance exam tutor. This option might help your child learn skills faster, and allow them to turn weak areas into strengths without losing confidence.

Chat about exam entrance tuition with a specialist

Considering entrance exam tuition and based in the Wilmslow to Didsbury area? Perhaps you live in Sale or Chorlton – or anywhere across Cheshire and Manchester – please contact Alison and her team here.

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