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Failed an exam? Kick-start your future today

Whatever time of year it is, you might either be elated by test or exam results, or utterly crushed by them. Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. It is a normal part of life to fail occasionally…

Far from being the end of the world, it is an opportunity to make something of yourself. It’s how you handle failure that makes you a winner…

Advice on how to pick yourself up after exam failure

  • Firstly, don’t panic. If it is a core subject or subject which you know you need, speak to your teachers first. They will have plenty of advice regarding appealing your grade, resitting exams, or choosing a different pathway.
  • Secondly, if you had plans to go to sixth form college, don’t automatically assume that your plans are shelved. Speak to them. It might be possible that you can study your chosen course after all as well as retake.
  • Thirdly, if you achieved Maths and English at grade 3, the law says that you will need to retake those subjects at school. Brilliant! You get more chances to have a crack at it without cost to you. Go for it!

Plan a different future … your choices are endless

Take the opportunity to take stock. What do you ‘really’ want to do? What makes you happy? What are your strengths? Can you match them up to careers?¬†Maybe you are good at English? You could pursue a career in journalism, or marketing.

There is always the option to resit exams, or study new courses as a private candidate. Perhaps under the guidance of a personal tutor – whether face to face or online – you can pursue a new, exciting plan instead.

Of course, a personal tutor is a brilliant asset when retaking exams. But a private teacher can also steer you in the right direction if you’re taking on something new!

Just do it

If you need help with your future career, a personal tutor at home, an online tutor, or support with exam retakes, get in touch with our fab 121 Home Tutors team here in Cheshire.

Covering Manchester areas too, you can get support right now without any further delays. Good luck!

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