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Is your child really ready for the new term?

  • Does the thought of a new term worry you?
  • Has your child struggled like mad the past few months?
  • Is your child prepared to take on new challenges?
  • Are entrance or final GCSEs or A Level exams looming?

With the Covid-19 pandemic severely affecting education, there is no doubt that our children will have experienced a rollercoaster of emotion – everything from shock or despair, anger or apathy.

Some might even have been happy at first, until they realised they couldn’t learn with their friends for months on end. School is more than subject learning, of course – it’s where our children form friendships, learn social skills and develop character.

So your child may well feel deflated and disconnected just now. But what if your child has derailed, switched off learning altogether? Where do you start?

How to help your child prepare for school

  1. Have fun learning again. A school holiday is the perfect opportunity to inspire your child to be curious about the world around them, about science, about history. A day trip out and about might be the perfect opportunity to go on a tour of discovery.
  2. Fill up the learning gaps to reduce stress. Lockdown learning might have been fraught with tension. Over the break, you have time to explore curriculum areas your child found hard. Try to narrow down the key gaps, then spend some time every week aiming to fill them. There are videos online to help. Plus you could consider a private tutor to help them catch up on their learning fast.
  3. Focus on the positive gains not losses. Sometimes children can get over anxious and dwell instead on the negatives. We’ve all been there! Instead, reassure and praise your child for everything they have achieved to help re-dress the balance. Perhaps they helped someone out, was kind, came up with a terrific solution to a problem, tried their best, didn’t give up, created the tastiest cake ever! Positive thinking is a life skill, not just something kids need to do when young.

A helping hand is here when you need it

If you’re not sure what to do for the best, a listening ear is always to be found here at here at 121 Home Tutors – whether you’re in Manchester, Cheshire, London or Tokyo!

Our head tutor has years of experience in handling education nightmares. All you need to do do is get in touch… Pop over to our contact page. It couldn’t be easier…

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