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Tutoring for the eleven plus exam (11+)

The eleven plus (11+) exam has always been something of a hot political potato with the main parties agreeing that it should be phased out. The compulsory 11+ exam ended 40 years ago but there are still 164 grammars schools and 36 local authorities that have selective schools. In Manchester and Cheshire, especially in the Trafford Borough,  there are a number of schools that require passing the eleven plus for entrance, and it looks as though tutors will always be needed in this area.

The eleven plus (11+) entrance exam tests Maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning and English (not all schools test for English – you can find out what the entrance exams consists of by contacting the school).

Often children get very anxious about preparing for the eleven plus and this can affect their performance on the day. A private eleven plus tutor, working with them at home, can explain how to tackle each part of the verbal and non-verbal reasoning sections of the exam. An eleven plus (11+) tutor can then set a schedule of learning so the student does not become overwhelmed and is confident and relaxed when they sit the eleven plus entrance exam.

You can find comprehensive information on the eleven plus (11+) at

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