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Grammar schools top popular schools list in Manchester

In the last few weeks the most (and least) schools in Manchester have been revealed with grammar schools dominating the top spots.

There are around 160 grammar schools in the UK and entrance to them usually depends on your child passing an entrance (or 11+) examination. In recent articles we’ve discussed which secondary school might be right for your child and what you need to think about when choosing a secondary school for your child. We’ve also got vital information on what your child might encounter on an 11+ test (and it’s never too early to start preparing).

But what does a list like the one in the Manchester Evening News tell us? It gives us information about which schools are most popular but not how ‘good’ they are. And here at 121 Home Tutors we know what might be right for one child could be completely inadequate for another. If your child has just taken the 11+ then you might be sat around nervously waiting for the results. But what if they arrive and your child has failed?

  • Even bright children fail – the 11 plus is a very particular kind of entrance exam which requires specific preparation, at 121 Home Tutors we work with children over a period of a few months on the different areas of the exam.
  • It good be a good thing – if your child doesn’t pass the 11+ it could be a sign that the school could be too academically focussed for them and they’d struggle. In fact it could be the case that they’d be much better going to a school with stronger pastoral support or a focus on sport or other specialisms.
  • You do have a right of appeal (this form is usually enclosed with results). Carefully read this form and complete it fully with extenuating circumstances (if your child has failed/not qualified) or reasons for wanting entrance to a particular school (if it’s oversubscribed).

If you’d like more information on 11 plus tutoring in Manchester and Cheshire then call us, we have a number of specialist tutors who can help.

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