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One-to-one tuition in schools at an end? What now?

Recently the Government announced significant changes to existing one-to-one tuition for struggling pupils (

The original programmes were designed to help children who had fallen behind in areas like reading and numeracy. The last Labour Government made a pledge to help pupils falling behind through one-to-one or small group catch-up sessions. These were going to be rolled out nationally during 2011. However, due to spending cuts and changes to school funding in England, the money for these schemes will go into a national schools budget. It will then fall to an individual head teacher to decide if they want to sign up to a scheme.

Studies carried out have shown that after 40 hours of individual reading help children advance almost two years in their reading age. And in numeracy children advance by a year or more after 20 hours of one-to-one coaching.

At 121 Home Tutors we know that one-to-one tuition can improve grades, confidence and increase your child’s love of learning. So what should you watch out for? How do you know if your child might need and benefit from one-to-one tuition?

  • Low confidence – your child lacks confidence about school or a particular subject area.
  • Your child is aware his classmates are ahead – your child tells you that other people are ‘better’ than him or further ahead.
  • Your child dislikes learning/is frightened to go to school – your child doesn’t want to attend school and is reticent to do homework (more than usual anyway!).
  • Their teacher points it out – your child’s teacher should be able to identify if your child has a problem with a subject or specific topic.

If you live in Manchester or Cheshire and think your child would benefit from one-to-one specialist tuition in subjects such as literacy, numeracy, English, Maths or languages such as Spanish and French then contact us. We can help.

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