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August babies less likely to go to University

If you are the mum or dad of an August baby then you probably well remember that first day at the school gate, watching your four year old go bustling along with children months older them. You may be the parent of a child who has just started school and you are suddenly acutely aware that they seem months behind ‘older’ children in Reception. A recent study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) discovered a link between the month a child is born in and what they tend to do once they leave school. The study concluded that children born in August (so 11 months younger than the eldest children) were 20% less likely to go to top flight universities. The study also revealed that teachers regard August babies as less academically capable. So if you are an August baby or the parent of one what you can do to ensure academic success?

–          Be actively involved in your child’s education. It could be as simple as reading and talking to them from an early age. You should have constant interaction with school and their class teacher to make sure they aren’t slipping behind and you are doing what you can at home.

–          Emotional and social development. August babies don’t just suffer from academic lag; the few months between the ages of 4 and 5 generally feature a great deal of social and emotional development. It’s worth encouraging activities and relationships that build confidence.

–          Consider tutoring. At 121 Home Tutors, we help all kinds of students (not just August babies!) but it might be that their early start at school has put them at a slight disadvantage. Private tutoring, even at primary school level, can help tackle problem areas early on and help your child develop into a confident student in the classroom. You can read more about primary tutoring in Manchester with 121 Home Tutors here.

If you’d like to know more about primary school tutoring and private tuition in subjects including English and Maths then contact 121 Home Tutors. We have primary level tutors across Manchester and Cheshire (including Knutsford, Macclesfield, Didsbury and Wilmslow).

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