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One to one tutor or tuition centre?

Over the last few years tuition centres such as Kumon have become increasingly popular with parents, especially at primary level. Many of our students have at one time experienced tuition centres and many parents want to know if they are better (or worse) than the kind of one to one tutoring that 121 Home Tutors offer.

  • Tuition centres have their place – they tend to be cheaper than one to one tuition and for some parents budget is a serious consideration.
  • Some children respond better in the group environment – but we tend to find students who are struggling in the classroom really benefit from one to one attention in a quiet and safe place like their own home.  If your child struggles in a classroom, (for example they don’t want to approach the teacher, they don’t speak up and fall behind) then they will be much better suited to one to one tuition.
  • Group work is usually pitched at the average person in the classroom (as in school) and there is only limited time to deal with students who are struggling. This might mean serious issues aren’t dealt with.
  • Many tuition centres follow a set system or pattern for learning and your child works to achieve certain goals. One to one tutoring is adapted specifically to the needs of the individual child, what they need to learn and what they are struggling with (and can also incorporate ways they prefer to learn).
  • Most tutors (including 121 Home Tutors) will come and tutor in your home meaning you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience or cost of travelling to a tutoring centre.

We’d be happy to discuss your tutoring options and figure out if 1-2-1 or group work would be best. If you need help with one to one tutoring in subjects including English, Maths and History across Manchester and Cheshire including Altrincham, Bramhall and Sale then contact us today.

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