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New Year Resolutions

At 121 Home Tutors all our tutors have their own personal New Year’s resolutions (lose those few pounds gained over Christmas, expand their tutoring business, be a better tutor, take up a new hobby). Yes. we all have our aims and ambitions for 2012 and we know you will have yours too. But what if you made just one of your resolutions an education one (and encouraged your child to do the same?). It could mean 2012 could be an even more successful year and it could be the first step in passing exams, getting a place at a school or university or the beginnings of a successful career. So we asked our tutors what resolutions they would suggest parents and their children make for 2012 and here’s what they came up with.

  1. Plan. Being organised pays off, whether that’s coming up with a revision schedule long before exams or booking in 11 plus tutoring well before your child sits their entrance exams then planning is the key.
  2. Recognise. This resolution is for both parents and students. Tutoring is fantastic and can mean you can overcome academic problems you have. But tutoring doesn’t happen unless you are willing to recognise that a problem exists. As a parent it can be hard to face up to the fact that your child might not be doing as well as you’d hoped and as a student it can be downright embarrassing to admit you are failing in an area or topic. Communication is really important – if you think your child is having problems then talk to them (and their teachers) as soon as possible, early intervention by teachers or a tutor can easily resolve a problem. If a problem is left unchecked then it becomes harder to deal with later on and your child can also suffer a serious knock to their confidence. Tutoring isn’t about saying you aren’t good enough, it’s about saying you want to be better and you are smart enough to see there is a way to do that. Parents tell our tutors that the most common problem areas tend to be in the topics we need the most on a day to day basis – so English (primary, GCSEs and A Level) and Maths (primary, GCSE and A Level).
  3. Future. Encourage your child to think about their future now. It’s really easy to forget that the choices made in secondary school can dictate the path our life takes. Find positive ways to encourage your child to focus on their school work when needed and help them out if they start to struggle. It’s also a good time to reflect on where you want your future to be – after all tutoring isn’t just for children!

Here’s to a happy and successful 2012. If you need help with one to one tutoring in subjects including English, Maths and History across Manchester and Cheshire including Altrincham, Bramhall and Sale then contact us today.

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