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Revision over Christmas

The festive season is almost here and it’s a lovely long two-week break for students to relax and recover after a hard first term. But lots of students have exams as soon as they get back in January so although time off is important it’s also vital to set up some revision and study time during the break. We know as soon as the new term starts A Level and AS Level exams will be in full swing and some GCSE modules have exams in January. You might also be sitting entrance tests exams in the new year.

We asked the 121 Home Tutors team for some top revisions tips over the festive season.

  1. Know what you are going back to. The biggest mistake some of our students make is that they have no idea what they are studying for after Christmas. Listen to what your teachers tell you and if you really aren’t sure what exams you are sitting (and therefore what you need to study) then go and ask someone.
  2. Make a plan. Once you know which exams you are sitting then don’t go crazy and try and cram all your revision in at once (or ignore it!). Sit down and make a day-to-day plan of what you need to revise and in what order. Little and often works best with plenty of breaks to keep your mind and body fresh.
  3. Don’t ignore your problems areas. The temptation can be to revise the easy stuff first and ignore the trickier parts but you should actually tackle the hard subjects and topics first, that way you have plenty of time to go into detail and revisit the areas where you struggle.
  4. Read through our blogs for lots of top tips on revision and preparing for exams.
  5. Develop revision techniques that work for you. There is no rule that says you have to work at a desk; maybe you’d be better recording notes and then listening to them while you run? Or maybe you’d work better verbally asking a friend questions (and being tested in return)?
  6. Make time for fun – it’s important to keep revision going during the holidays (we know, no fun!) but keep some time aside to enjoy friends and family. You’ll return to study refreshed and relaxed.
  7. Book in some extra time with your tutor. Most tutors can squeeze in an extra session in the run up to exams to discuss any problem areas and give your confidence a boost. 121 Home Tutors have private tutors across Manchester and Cheshire that can help you with your 11 plus, GCSE’s and A levels. Contact us today

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