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Checklist for choosing a tutor

If you’ve never used a tutor before then there are some important question you need to ask before you start the tutoring process. Here is a quick checklist that you can go through with a tutoring company like 121 Home Tutors and any tutor you choose.

  • What tutoring experience does this tutor have?
  • Are they CRB checked? (now called a DBS) Don’t forget a tutoring company is not responsible for tutors being CRB checked or disclosing if their CRB checks are unclean.
  •  Will they tutor in your home or do you have to travel to them?
  •  How long will a tutoring session last?
  •  How will we know we are making progress?
  •  Does the tutor expect me (the parent) to be at the sessions? Or do I have to stay out of the room?
  •  How will a tutoring session work exactly?
  •  How will you initially assess the needs of my child?
  •  Can I see some recommendations from other parents?
  •  Can we meet up before you start tutoring my child?
  •  How much do we pay you and when?
  •  How many tutoring sessions do you think my child will need?

If you need help finding tutors in Manchester and tutors in Altrincham, Stretford, Hale, Wilmslow and other local areas then contact us.


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