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Changes to GCSE

This year we will start to see changes to GCSEs, moving away from modular schemes and the opportunity for multiple resits back to a linear (terminal) exam system where all exams are taken in one sitting at the end of the course.

These changes have come out a lack of confidence in the GCSE qualification and a perception that they were becoming too easy.  Last year there was a consultation on possible changes and various reforms will now take place based on that information. The first change will be that for all two year GCSE courses starting in September 2012 exams will happen at the end of the course. That means students will be able to resit full GCSEs but not modules.

The hope is that these changes will improve the quality of the course and ensure a rigorous education and testing system for all pupils. It does mean some students may struggle more and that is when one to one tutoring may be a good option. Removing the modules does mean a longer period of time for slow and steady study rather than a panicked rush to the finish line.

The second element of the changes will be more emphasis on accurate spelling, punctuation and use of grammar. We’re really pleased to see a restoration of this part of the GCSE structure as we think it underpins a child’s ability to communicate well.

What are our top three tips for preparing for the changes to GCSEs?

  • Think long term – you need to focus on steady progress and working continually throughout the year rather than slacking off and then rushing at the end.

  • Get the basics right – spelling, punctuation and grammar are important in subject areas which have an element of English. If you are struggling then talk to your parents or teacher and think about a tutor who can help build your confidence.

  • Learn some exam skills. 

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