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Universities setting A Level content

In the last couple of weeks Michael Gove, Education Secretary, said he is worried that A Levels do not sufficiently prepare young adults for university. In a letter to Ofqual, the university regulator, he said universities should decide what is in A Level exams and review them each year. This news came at the same time as a study by Cambridge Assessment found many university lecturers thought their students arrived at university under prepared for degree work. Whatever of the outcome of Michael Gove’s suggestions how can you ensure you make the transition from A Level to University as smooth as possible?

–          One of the biggest shifts from A Level to University is around the way you tackle the information you are given. At A Level there is less emphasis on critical thinking and opinion – this is an area you could concentrate on before you go to University.

–          At University you are expected to think and study independently, you need to question and dig for information from day one.

–          Your university tutors will be available and helpful but will not chase you for work and manage your deadlines – it’s a good idea to have a time and work management system from the beginning, even if it’s just a notebook.

–          Remember is most cases the first year of your degree doesn’t count towards your final mark so you have a year to adjust. If you are struggling then approach your tutors who will be able to offer guidance and additional support. Alternatively consider a tutor who is a specialist in your subject area.

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