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Changes to GCSE scrapped

In October we wrote two blogs about the changes to GCSEs proposed by the Government – changing from the well-known system to a controversial new English Baccalaureate qualification. In some camps the changes were welcomed, with many liking the idea of a more rigorous approach to education at 11-16 and a return to more exams and less coursework.  On the other hand many people felt it had been poorly thought through and that the exclusion of less ‘academic’ subjects would let many pupils down.  Lots of people were worried there would be a return to a two-tiered system that benefited more academically capable students.

Despite all of the controversy it was expected the new qualification would be phased in over the next few years. However Michael Gove, Education Secretary, last week announced a complete turnaround on the EBacc. This qualification will now not be introduced and instead we will see a reform of the existing GCSE system.

You can read more about the changes on the BBC website but the main points are:

  1. From September 2015 teaching for the new GCSEs in English, Maths, Sciences, History and Geography will begin.
  2. Coursework will be kept to a minimum and exams will happen after 2 years.
  3. There will no longer be easier foundation papers, less ‘bite-sized questions’ and the testing of extended writing in English and History.

Our advice remains the same, as students and parents you are unlikely to see much day to day change in what is taught. What your child may need is academic support skills and one to one private tutoring can be useful. If you’d like more information on tutoring at GCSE Level in Manchester call 121 Home Tutors.

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