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Postgraduate degrees – what does the future hold?

At 121 Home Tutors we think it’s important to know what is going on in every area of education. Although the majority of our students are at primary and secondary level we also offer support and tutoring to A Level, University, adult and postgraduate students.  Our adult and post grad students sometimes come to us because they need subject specific help but often because they may have been out of education for some time and need help with skills such as essay writing or formulating arguments.  Many of our tutors hold postgraduate degrees and qualifications and we were saddened to read last month that support for postgraduate degrees seems to be on the decline.

Last month eleven leaders of universities, from varying types of institution across the UK, said there was an imminent postgraduate crisis as it was revealed that research councils are withdrawing support for taught master’s courses. These courses are integral to the success of certain academic and professional careers. The university leaders recognise that if less people are able to take these courses then it could have a considerable impact on our economic growth. Last year fees for postgraduate courses rose by an average of 11%, meaning further study may only be available to the wealthy.  The numbers of people taking masters and PhDs has already begun to decline.

For many people graduating with a BA or BSc isn’t enough to put them ahead of the pack, what they need to succeed is postgraduate education. The concern is that if this isn’t affordable for most then it could leave talented people behind.

If  you’d like to discuss postgraduate or adult one to one tutoring in Manchester & Cheshire then contact 121 Home Tutors. We cover most postgraduate subjects.

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  1. Postgraduate degrees – what does the future hold?

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