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CEM test instead of 11+

If your child is going to sit the 11+ (11 plus) in the next few months or next year you might have heard about changes to the testing.  Over the last couple of years there have been calls to stop the 11 plus because some people think it favours children whose parents can afford tutoring.

At Durham University the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring has been commissioned to design this new test for grammar school entry (currently known as the CEM 11+).  Although the tests vary by region and school there are a number of similarities.

The test makes a number of changes to the existing 11 plus including less focus on non-verbal reasoning. You can read about the differences in detail here.

It is likely that many children will still need help in preparing for entrance exams and 11+, often the issues are to do with confidence and subject knowledge rather than a particular ‘testing style’.

If you’d like to know more about CEM style or 11 plus testing then call 121 Home Tutors today. We specialise in helping students pass entrance exams for Manchester and Cheshire grammar schools.

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