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Is Maths and Science just for boys?

Absolutely not! However, according to a recent international survey by the OECD, there are still gender gaps in career choices. It seems that girls don’t pursue as many careers in Maths and Science as boys do.

Interestingly, statistics tell a story of what’s happening in the UK:

  • 56% of girls often worry that Maths classes are difficult
  • A third of girls feel nervous about tackling Maths problems
  • Over 65% of girls worry they will get poor marks in Maths

To add to this, girls performed badly in Science in Pisa tests compared to boys. Since genetics isn’t an issue, it’s thought that cultural expectations play a part.

Not to mention the myth that boys are better at Maths and Science than girls. This is simply not true. Incredibly (to some…!) girls outperformed boys in the number of A* to C grades in GCSE Sciences last year.

What’s more, the lowest achieving pupils in Maths, English and Science are much more likely to be boys.

Here come the girls!

Perhaps the UK needs to shift its thinking? At school level, we need to keep encouraging girls to believe they can progress to a higher level in Maths and Science. While at national level, there needs to be more positive campaigning at attracting girls into the sciences.

And it does seem to be working. Thousands more girls are now choosing to study science at A level. Fantastic news, isn’t it?

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