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Can reading a book help you learn better?

In this era of tablets and smartphones, how we read is changing. Yet, interestingly, science shows that reading good old-fashioned books is still better for you than scrolling on an electronic device.

An important consideration if your son or daughter is busy revising for their GCSEs or A level exams this summer.

The overwhelming evidence is hard to ignore. It all starts with how our brains function! Last year, a university study concluded that our brains absorb and retain more information when we read a paper book.

In fact, during the study students who read a print text scored significantly higher in reading comprehension than students who read digitally.

Science has proven that the brain itself reads letters and words in a linear way – relying on the senses to construct mental pictures of text. Whereas studies have shown that people reading ebooks tend to scan more, thus missing key information.

Did you know that your brain prefers paper books?

It’s true! In fact, the tactile nature of a book allowing us to turn pages, make notes or bend page corners helps us engage with its content.

Though e-reader pages can scroll or swipe, the brain itself doesn’t receive the same signals – calling into question whether information can be stored long term.

Plus another study concluded that if we consume too much digital reading,  it can affect our long term ability to absorb nitty-gritty detail from a paper text. Fascinating, eh? Everything in moderation – that’s what we say…

Reading recommendation

There’s no doubt that reading (not on a tablet or computer) for 30 minutes at a time can help your child absorb their revision notes.

Using highlighting and making revision notes can further help students consolidate their learning. Hope that helps…

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