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Did your child get a primary school place?

After an anxious wait for ‘National Offer Day’, parents across Greater Manchester and Cheshire finally found out last Thursday whether their child has been offered a primary school place of their choice.

And it’s good news … for some. Over 90% of local children have successfully secured entry into one of their three preferred schools. If this is you, you need to formally accept the place offered to secure it.

But sadly for some parents, the news wasn’t so positive. If you are in this boat, all is not lost. You are entitled to appeal the decision. Let’s consider your options.

How to appeal

1. First contact your local council to find out what an appeal procedure entails. In some cases, you would need to appeal to the school direct.

If you are in Manchester, here’s a link to some useful information.  For Cheshire based parents, try this link.

2. Check appeal submission deadline dates to ensure your appeal is heard in good time. You can expect your appeal hearing before the end of the summer term.

3. If the school your child has been allocated is now not viable due to a change in circumstances, seek further advice from your local education authority.

Whatever happens, try not to panic. As ever, our private tutor team at 1-2-1 Home Tutors are here for any advice and help to prepare your child for their new school term. Just get in touch!

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